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  1. What you think will cost more damage to your gig rankings a buyer cancelling order or you as a seller cancelling order. Share your experiences guys!
  2. Why fiverr cutting TDS on full order amount? if i got a order of $45 i am getting TDS deduction of 0.01% that is $0.45 but actually i am only getting $36 after fiverr cuts its commission then it should be $0.36. is fiverr also cutting their end of TDS from us? Correct me if i am wrong.
  3. i got response and they resolved the issue thank god! may be maybe many people are having issues with gigs not the site thats why they have such load
  4. Finally got reply they are looking into issue and will update as soon as it is resolved
  5. Yes i agree after the pandemic , we’re not getting reply faster may be due to they cut off staff or employees working remotely
  6. I received automated reply saying that it can take 10 days due to load
  7. My gigs stopped appearing in search after i made changes in prices and now i contacted fiver customer support its been more than 10 days they are not replying taking too much time. Is anyone else facing same issue?
  8. Whoops…We are having some unexpected problemsThe site is currently down but we’re working hard to get it fixed! Don’t worry, your account and orders are safe and sound. Please read the FAQs below and check out our status page for notifications on our progress with this issue. Does anyone facing same issue ?
  9. yes hope so but its causing issues while sending and receiving messages also
  10. Hey guys anyone facing 503 error again i am facing while opening the website.
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