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  1. Early payout feature is in beta and I think I just got it a few days ago, it wasn’t there a week back for me probably. It seems by the looks of it that the speed up button shows only for orders that have been marked as complete by the buyer, not on all orders. If the buyer didn’t mark the order as complete, or if it was marked as complete automatically after 3 days without response from the buyer, then there is no option for early payout.
  2. It depends on how many revisions are offered in your Gig. I see that you currently have 4 for basic, 6 for standard and even UNLIMITED revisions on your final premium package of the 3D modeling Gig. Unlimited revisions are open to interpretation that you will work indefinitely until your buyer is satisfied in your premium package and some buyers can exploit that by also wanting extra work. I would offer a maximum of 1 or 2 revisions in your place - if you don’t want to work forever for free.
  3. No one here actually knows the exact criteria, as we are all buyers and sellers here, all that we can do is guess. Rising talent, top rated seller and pro sellers are handpicked or vetted by Fiverr editorial team. My guess would be that this badge is given to new and promising sellers who have the potential to be a top rated seller one day. So I guess that you need to deliver super quality service as quick as humanly possible and without cancellations, respond to all new buyer inquiries quickly, maybe also having a unique problem-solving Gig - really stand out of the crowd.
  4. I’ve had some good and returning customers from “Hi” messages, but also a bunch of them turn out be someone trying to mek sel - it depends. The trick is to have a quick response ready for “Hi” messages, like: "Hi, Welcome to my Gig! How can I help you? " You will know if it is a potential serious buyer right after the next response. Here’s an idea: Maybe Fiverr could implement this above message as an auto-response if someone types only “Hi” or “Hello”? I believe that some serious buyers type “Hi” or “Hello” just to see if you are online right away, so they can chat with you instantly. They need an answer fast. If you don’t respond right away, they move to someone else who does. That’s why you don’t get a response if they wait for hours to answer while you are resting or sleeping.
  5. With each passing day your rating can change, since each day it calculates your average score over the course of the last 60 days. So if a day passes by and one of your 5 star reviews was 61 days ago, it will not be calculated in your average score and therefore, your average rating goes down.
  6. TRS are chosen manually. I’ve been here for almost 6 years now and am always in the green, usually with a perfect score. I’m still level 2 and to be honest, I stopped caring about the badge a long time ago. Don’t even notice it anymore. All I’m focused on now is simply performing better and improving each day.
  7. That means four-fifths won’t get it. Is it fair to shut down society for the one fifth that are in danger? This isn’t even a glass is half empty situation, here the glass is almost full, but because some people are getting sick, the glass has been banned. Yes, in my opinion. Human life and health has no price. Economy will take a hit, eventually recover, but some people that catch this virus will unfortunately not share the same fate.
  8. Yes, actually heat and warm weather affects human immune system in a positive way, because it should improve blood circulation and help fight viruses. There’s the possibility that summer also lifts people’s melatonin and vitamin D levels, which can boost their immune systems, and that viruses lose their punch in warmer weather because their fatty coating degrades. Fingers crossed.
  9. Yes, but I would definitely not recommend it, speaking from experience. I’ve been here around five years and finished thousands of orders. Buyers expect quick answer and service and if you show online and you don’t answer, this can have an opposite effect and that particular buyer might not want to initiate contact again. In your place, I would rather focus on the service, actually replying as fast as possible, increasing the value and quality of your Gigs so that you leave the buyer in awe. Make your service unique and useful to meet a definite demand. It all comes down to a simple formula to follow. The income you earn is directly proportional to: The need for what you doYour ability to do itThe difficulty there is in replacing youWhen you hit these three nails on the head, then you are on the real path to success.
  10. I’m sorry to hear that. The same thing happened to me recently as well miss C. One order after the other. In my case the buyer wanted the card charge refunded as well, and I knew that was not going to happen automatically if we cancel mutually, so I advised to contact CS directly as I can’t really help with that. The buyer was not so pleased with the idea of contacting support due to extra hassle it was going to cause and loss of time. Then one thing led to another and the decision was to continue with the order so I managed to upsell an additional service on the other order. The buyer was very happy with the service in the end on both orders so it was a win-win situation. These kind of buyers and cancellations are more like lottery, so if you get one that is impossible to handle without cancelling, your stats take a hit. This is unfair and depend on pure luck. It would be far better if cancellations were regulated in a better way.
  11. It’s definitely wise to take your sleep and rest in delivery time into account. …or you can also pause the Gig before going to sleep and then unpause it when you wake up - not sure how that would affect your stats though. Try to make it perfectly clear in your Gig description of what you offer and what the buyer can expect. If you ever get unrealistic demands, buyer that didn’t read your Gig description and can’t really negotiate further, so IF the only option is to cancel, it would be wise to contact customer support to do this for you because I heard that they can sometimes do it without harming your ratings, depending on the situation.
  12. This happened to me today too, exactly the same problem. Withdrawal was completed successfully few days ago but I still get the gray buttons and message “Withdrawal in progress” although the money already arrived. I will wait to see if this resolves itself after a few days just like madowlvfx suggested above and update you here. EDIT: I needed to contact Fiverr CS because it was a problem on Fiverr’s end. I got the problem fixed in less than an hour by opening a ticket and getting a quick fix on my acc. He also said to clear browsing cache and cookies. After returning to the earnings page the buttons were unblocked and I have initiated withdrawal again without any problems and it went smoothly.
  13. Future is what you make it. That’s the beauty of free will. Every decision you make now is going to shape your future timeline. Due to the quantum nature of the universe there are infinite outcomes. Your mind can also see the most probable future that can happen so the visions you had in your dream might have been just that, a glimpse that you saw to warn you of the things to come. You may have a gift of clairvoyance that you are not fully aware of. I believe that consciousness is everything and that we are just but a tiny gear in a much larger mechanism. That divine consciousness, what we call “God” is in all of us, in everything around us. When you make a prayer, really deep prayer, you are communicating with God. God is everything. We are only extensions of that source energy, that consciousness and if I had to give an analogy to all of this; we are like smart light bulbs connected to a vast electrical field, and not only this life energy but also data can go both way and store all our experiences in this divine collective consciousness. That’s just my vision of course.
  14. Available now is unavailable to me as well. Testing didn’t go well?
  15. Cal, it may be a good idea to send a simple request to CS to review this automatic demotion. They’ve been offering to restore levels if the automatic demotion happened because of a bug. If you had some spam messages in the previous 30 days, that you couldn’t respond to, those should not count! Maybe they can switch you back to TRS as a correction of this bug. A couple of unfair spam messages can maybe give you more than 0.4% Don’t give up
  16. Read this 👀 Fiverr CS returned all 9 chargebacks
  17. It could be the infamous PayPal chargeback. The buyer initiated the cancellation with PayPal. My suggestion is to contact Fiverr customer support if you have done your job well. They’ve been known to return the funds to your account if the fault wasn’t on your side.
  18. My first observation, when I saw your gig, are the words “Ponctual” and “Benifit”. Proofread your Gigs and don’t let these even tiny mistakes slip through. They can be instant turn off for potential buyers. And try to add more sales pitch, make your Gig more attractive to potential buyers by being unique. Video for your Gig would also be PERFECT. Especially if you could present what you are doing on that video, videos attract more clicks and views to your Gig.
  19. I read somewhere that they are expecting it to be solved in about two months. Now it’s less than that 🙂 If that helps, you’re not alone. The exact same thing happened to me. My response rate went down to 99% after a spam message from a banned buyer that I could not respond to and the order completion to 97% after several Paypal chargebacks…none of which was my fault. I’m just hoping that they solve this sooner rather than later.
  20. That’s strange. I checked it out and can only see “I Will Edit Clips Like Netflix Videos” when searching for video editing
  21. Sometimes you just can’t unflag the message, because the user profile gets banned before you try to. I believe that you can contact CS if that was the reason for level demotion. Some good news, I read somewhere on the forum that they are already working on this, so that spam messages or those annoying chargeback and buyer ordered by mistake cancellations… don’t count.
  22. Point the CS to the “impressions, clicks and views”, if your Gig isn’t on search they must be almost zero in the last 7 days. …and report it as a Bug.
  23. Have you been editing your Gig lately? If you did, it can sometimes disappear from search 24-48hrs. If it goes longer than that then you need to contact CS to “refresh” your Gigs.
  24. If you finished the order exactly as your buyer instructed and delivered, I see no real reason for initiating a cancellation. Seems more like to me that your buyer was fishing for free work. 🎣
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