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Info and help needed! Still no orders yet!


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Hello, I know that this might sound the same problem that other no level sellers like me are facing in this platform , but I really want help and I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what’s wrong in this case.

I have joined Fiverr on December 2017 , and I have only two reviews with custom orders as requested by customers, but from more than one month I’m not getting any orders yet!
I going daily on the section buyer request, trying to send all the 10 offers available, but with some customers I have agreed to send the offer with gigs related but from some didn’t get a response, and from some they responsed by saying that found someone else cheaper.

I don’t know what to do else, since my impressions, clicks and views are going up with green arrows, but still no orders yet. Can’t the Fiverr community help new sellers by giving instructions on how to get more orders? I really want to keep going in this platform as I find it trusty and reliable, but I’m feeling upset and down not being able to go to Level 1.

Thanks in advance to whoever responds to this request.

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Your prices might be too high for a new seller with barely any reviews.

You offer social media marketing (managing social media accounts), so you could use your expertise to create your own accounts and promote your services that way. If you succeed, that would be the best proof that you really know what you’re doing and that your service is worth every penny.

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