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Rouge buyer sending virus infected files


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Hello Dear Sellers.

Today a buyer came to me for a website design and I asked for the requirements which he wants in the website. In reply of that he sent me a “.RAR” file, this was the first time someone sent me .rar file while every time else people used to send either .doc or .pdf files.
I opened the file with Winrar and found that it has .scr file inside it. I remember reading about such file types are being used for hacking purposes and I uploaded the file on an online Virus scanning website and found that many antiviruses caught them as a trojan downloaded which will download a remote access tool in your computer and provide the access of your computer to it’s developer.
This user is from Russia( as per his profile ). I request all of you to stay away from such hackers who pose as buyers.
This guy is reported to fiverr support team and they will take care of his account.
You can see the results of Virustotal website here [unapproved URL removed by moderator]

Mod Note: Please read the forum rules when posting sensitive or detailed information.

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Please remove the buyer’s name. It is against Fiverr’s Forum Dos nd Don’ts. I understand this is very upsetting for you but it is against the rules call out specific buyers.

But I just want other members to be careful about this person, I have removed the name anyway.

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