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  1. If a buyer failed to provide necessary information correctly then it’s their mistake. Don’t accept cancellation request.
  2. Happend to me multiple times, in these cases when you delivered the project directly to the client without using the inbuilt delivery system then the order is eligible to cancel without considering any other point. I am a Website designer and 3-4 times I delivered the website by directly moving it from my server to client’s server. Client turned out to be oversmart and after few days applied for order cancellation. Since then I started delivering using inbuilt delivery system also/only. Obviuosly this is a headache to upload these big files on Fiverr but if you don’t want to get looted like this then make this a habit, take time and deliver the files without leaving any scope for such buyers to hurt your business.
  3. Complete the order somehow and block the buyer, end of the story.
  4. The only suggestion I could give you is to start looking for a job.
  5. Dude I were at your place then I would block the buyer and go to my way, I strongly suggest you not to reach CS for any kind of issue.
  6. Increase your price range to increasingly high, or maximum so that it will keep buyers away. When you are ready to take the orders again then decrease the price.
  7. Increase the price to abnormally high, either you will not get any client or if anyone comes then they must be worth of your time. Bring the price to normal when you are back from vacations.
  8. Deliver and forget, buyer isn’t reponding or not coming online is not your job to think about.
  9. I would like to warn you that if you report this to CS they might pause your gig, this case was posted here just 2-3 weeks back when a guy reported another account of stealing gig description and in result though the copied gig was not available but his gig was paused too.
  10. You should have blocked him/her first time he asked you to cancel the order immediately, your safety is your concern not Fiverr’s concern so take complete precaution and never ever entertain customers with red flags.
  11. Accept it as a bad fate and work on other order, choose clients wisely and do not waste time to contacting CS, they are utter disappointment.
  12. You mean nomination is not automatic? How does one become nominated, once they meet the criteria of selling seniority, orders, earnings and days without warnings? Random selection, Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo.
  13. Never ever doubt of rejecting your decision to doing free work, buyers already have more than enough freedom on this platform and if buyer used to get freebies in this manner then they will stop paying for every service.
  14. DON’T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET, there are many other freelancing websites you can try. Also please remember that Fiverr is heading towards disaster and all the buyer and sellers who are not alert will be drown with it.
  15. Those big bold black letters in middle are screaming fake in my ears.
  16. Nice points, I am pretty sure that Fiverr will not use any of them.
  17. Just saw this option in my profile under sell menu item and took a minute to explore, looks like Fiverr’s in-house Udemy. Buyers must gone through a test and course to understand how gigs are sold on Fiverr so that they will stop harassing sellers and only those who clear the exam and course should be allowed to make purchases, And same should be regulated for CS, I don’t think that they properly understand Fiverr’s TOS etc and take decision based on their mood.
  18. Yes, you will get the refund. But keep in mind that it will be in your Fiverr account not in Paypal account.
  19. Sharing buyer/seller name is not allowed, so is asking for it. That is why your post was hidden. Though I agree with your stupid people thing.
  20. A WordPress designer here, Custom quote:-I can understand about this, see this is seller’s wish to sell the price they want to sell on, if you don’t like their quotation then there are thousand other sellers for same work. Some might even do more for quarter price. It’s exactly like a doctor’s fees, the more experience they get the more they charge but no guarantee that they will be able to cure your disease. Time:- Every time you visit a restaurant they all have different serving time, some time when they have less visitors they serve early and when they are busy orders might take some time, same here. Some time we quote higher price and delivery time as a nice way of saying no for an order due to over booking but if client insist then we need extended delivery time. Preview:- This is something I am sure that seller is wrong, as a buyer you have all the right to see development progress so that you can give inputs during process. Error listing:- Websites requirements are different for every client, a good seller always provide a QA document to mind the map of the buyer so that we have a clear picture of what a client want, such as we have a list of 30 questions which we ask to the client related to design, functionality and other details. If your seller didn’t do that then they are at mistake but you should help her understanding the requirements as you have already invested in the website. In the end, if nothing works then you can contact the CS and if they find it right then they can cancel the order and give you the refund.
  21. Ask them to place an order for amount he/she wants to pay and then cancel the first order. This is the only allowed method which can ensure that you will get paid. Never ever cancel the order before getting the new order otherwise buyer might never ever return.
  22. Hi, It’s best to refund, if you do not then client can go to CS and ask them to cancel which I am sure will happen and you might lose full amount, If in case they don’t support the client then client can chargeback through Paypal and you will lose all amount. In any case if any order cancel then your rating will decrease. Best
  23. I think I’m just going to let it fly. I’ve just read through the Fiverr copyright terms and it seems too much hassle to complain about. Yes. Or I could look like someone trying to sabotage another sellers gig. Yeah, that’s another possibility.
  24. By seeing their responses these days I can predict that they might pause your gig for copyright infringement of another site.
  25. Many of my answers are flagged and I got warning,day before yesterday I was banned for 24 hours. Though I am pretty sure that stood tall with my opinions at some threads but never ever abused or misbehaved with anyone. I also have seen many co-sellers directly accusing other sellers for their issues instead of understanding the proper issue.
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