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What Can I do to Improve my gigs?


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I have read a bunch of articles and posts on Fiverr on how to improve my gig, but none of them are applicable or work. I would really like to be able to make an income off of this as I need to save money for moving abroad. I am confident in my abilities, but I don’t know how to attract more traffic. Any ideas? (for reference my gigs include helping with learning English, writing stories, editing/proofreading, and making a personal vine/video edit.)

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Hey there! Nice to see a fellow writer/editor!

I think it would be a good idea to separate writing stories and articles into different gigs, since that way you’ll be able to get more specific with your skillsets and potentially offer relevant gig extras for each type (e.g. research as a gig extra for blog posts).

“I love to write and make money”–while this may be true, signaling to your customers that you’re here to make money can be a little off-putting. Always center their needs. I’d suggest crafting a statement that’s more oriented toward helping them.

I don’t quite understand why you have something concerning translation in your FAQ for proofreading, as translation and proofreading are not at all the same thing.

Also, in your writing gig:

-theme and it’s meaning

Should be “its meaning.” Friendly reminder from one editor to another. “Its” indicates possession. 🙂

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Hi there,
I checked you gigs and my comments are the following:
1- There a lot of gigs similar to yours so you need to provide something similar or better. 3 days delivery will not do any good for you, try 1 day express delivery.
2- You have put a video of your self with a song and different poses, this is not professional and not related to the services you provide :((
I suggest to get a professional video that describe your gigs and a good thumbnail that makes people click and view your gig.


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