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  1. Started today, I start getting "New project brief". I searched the forum but it seems there are no news about it! Is it something new? And this is how it looks like when I click on view brief:
  2. You can click on the buyer’s name to check her profile. See how long has she been on fiverr, how many ratings, try to copy her username and paste into google search and see what were her reviews on other gigs. You can get a good idea about if she is a legit buyer or not. Next, two worst things can happen here: She can cancel the order >>> you will not get any money + your cancellation rate will go down. However, you can recover from this.You can contact the customer support for help and let’s assume they will sand with you (most likely they don’t) and you can complete the order >>> she will give you a negative review that will last forever, and being a new seller that means sending you to the last pages.you can always contact the customer support for help and guidance. But they will tell you to try to work things out with your buyer. It maybe a good idea to do a video call with the buyer to show her that you are real and not using a fake IP address etc? ( you need the customer support permission to do that though)
  3. The easiest way is to set it a paypal account and link it to your local bank. You can contact Payoneer to get further information, I suggest talking to them on the phone, they are really helpful! Don’t waste your time with the email and live chat 🙂
  4. It’s fiverr revenue card, not direct deposit. I mean if you ate using payoneer for fiverr, then it’s called fiverr revenue card. If you are using your local bank account, then its direct deposit.
  5. That was my problem, my direct deposit does not work so I can’t use the payoneer card since I can’t withdraw the money to my payoneer.
  6. Thanks for replying. What do you mean by “Try using the card” which card/withdrawal method are you referring to?
  7. Hi all, I have been contacting Fiverr customer support and Payoneer customer support for two months now. Fiverr says its Payoneer’s issue and Payoneer says its fiverr’s issue. The issue is that I can’t withdraw my funds using the Direct Deposit method. Whenever I click on it, it start the registration process from scratch and takes me to Payoneer page to register again then says my account is under review on fiverr. When I contact fiverr they say the account is approved but it seems there is a bug in the withdraw function. Having $5400 in my fiverr account now and I can’t withdraw any! I talked to 5 customer support agents from fiverr and 4 from payoneer and each time they say the same thing and im stuck in the middle. Just want to check if anyone else have the same issue? Or maybe you have any suggestions? I have been working on fiverr since 2015 and been using Direct deposit for more than 2 years now. I stopped when the Payoneer cards issue happened early this year but now it seems like I can’t withdraw my funds!
  8. Welsome to fiverr Julia. I hope you are doing well 🙂 I just checked your seller page, not sure what is the " dragons" and the service you are providing. Maybe its a niche thing that only specific people knows about? From your profile description, you are a story writer correct? I think that can be a good service to offer here on fiverr! Make sure yo have a look at the categories and sections on fiverr website. You may find your self fit in more than one category. Good luck 🙂
  9. You have one gig online now and its a 2D intro? First thing you need to do is to start you motion gigs and then maybe post them in the forum (check which section it is) to get feed back 🙂 Goodluck
  10. I’m sorry, but this is just bad advice. When you offer unlimited revisions and a lot of work for $5, you open the door to people who do not want to pay and generally trailer trash resellers who can’t even communicate their end clients’ order details clearly. @deanbrightman First off, up your prices to a minimum of $20. It is 2020. Fiverr started in 2010. Back then, $5 was a wicked incentive. Now $5 sellers just get abuse. Namely, by attracting people with the highest expectations, the shortest fuses, and the biggest chips on their shoulder. You can offer a $5 starting price to build reviews. However: Buyers will drop you like a hot mince pie when you raise prices in the future.When that happens, you will go through a period of barely any sales as you struggle to attract higher-tier customers.By offering your service at $5, you are making it harder for yourself and other competent VO artists to charge what you and they are really worth.Other tips: Enable packages and create one going all the way up to $100 that includes all commercial licenses.Create a video or a more attention-grabbing gig image.Create several gigs all offering voice overs for different niche industries.Most importantly of all, do not offer unlimited revisions and take that $5 price out somewhere and shoot it before it starts turning rabid. You are worth more than this. I just told him what I did and what I see the best and fastest way to get more sales on fiverr for VO artists. Im sorry but I would not recommend your way specially in the voice over niche. I bought more than 600 voice over gigs till now, and thats what I do as a buyer on fiverr. Although you are right, but it is what it is. I was roasted for days for $5 so many times when I started… But still it is worth it at the end. You can share yout wat of doing it and I can share mine, its his call at the end 🙂
  11. I buy voice over all the time, no one will buy from a seller who deliver in 2 days! Make it one day as first step. And, if will be better if you record yourself for the introduction video. That tells people that you are a real person, not a robot. Finally, aim for ratings and reviews at the beginning. Try 400 words delivered in 1 day with unlimited revisions. Yes it will be hard and you may get hard buyers, but at the end it is worth it. All the best
  12. Fiverr Learn category needs more attention from fiverr!
  13. *The buyer name to be blurred I guess
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