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Fiverr Price...limitation is not helpful, how do you get rid of the limitation?

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I don’t understand what you mean by “limitation” would you like to explain so that we can help you?

I want to sell my service from $1200 to $5500, but the limitation is stuck at $995.

This is not working for me…

That’s what I mean “Limitation”

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Hmm, I just don’t understand the meaning of “Levels”…

You’re a new seller - you’re at level 0 if you like. You need to build up your sales and reputation before you can charge larger amounts.

You;ll be promoted to level 1 when you hit 10 sales with other criteria, as laid out in the levels link I gave you.

For more information about selling on Fiverr, please see:


Added - I don’t think you can charge more than $995 for a gig anyway, unless you apply for PRO, as @bia4online suggested.

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