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I am going to try an experiment


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Will stay from all distractions for just 1 month - no forum, no Twitter, no TV except for sports, no going to Breitbart/Guardian/Huff Post etc. Just my articles and exercise. Want to see…

a. Whether I have the willpower to do that.
b. How it improves my productivity.
c. Mindfulness - is that something I can do?

Okay Mitron, see you on June 20! Just think I have been banned for 30 days, ciao!

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What, self-torture you said?

I tried that once, it was bad, like rehab-bad! It became depressingly monotonous, felt like I was in that Groundhog Day movie where the same day keeps repeating over and over.

When I got back to my usual routine, I felt like a kid getting his toys back 😃

Now where did that dislike button go? 😁

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