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  1. At least make the replies visible in our notification Emails, so that if the site is broken every month at least we can get the buyer/seller messages via Email.
  2. I do the same as you, except I don’t re-report them, since they have already been marked as spam by Fiverr. 😇 And because I’m too “lazy”, I also don’t write a message, just “No”. 😅 Well, if you don’t re-report them, they’ll be able to spam you again (or even order!) if Fiverr doesn’t block their account (which they rarely do from what I’ve seen) Hmm :thinking:
  3. I’ve seen a lot of cases where not responding to spam messages would decrease response rate, even though CS reassured us that spam messages don’t affect response rate. Apparently there’s a catch to it, so below is a fragment of what CS told me right now: From that line I can only conclude that: spam messages don’t affect you if you are the one reporting a message as spam;spam messages do affect you if you receive them but were already blocked by the system after others have reported them.Now in the case of the latter, in order to keep my response rate I unmark them as spam, reply with some generic message, then re-report them as spam, which is rather counter-intuitive :roll_eyes:
  4. What’s confusing is that the “fiverr choice” badge is random - just a few days ago I was refreshing the search results page, and on one refresh I had the badge, on the next refresh I didn’t have it anymore, the next refresh someone else had it, then back to me, and so on. It was randomly placing itself - so I doubt it’s 100% hand-picked 😉
  5. I don’t actually think the majority of us that are honest and professional sellers have too much to worry about. I mean, you never know with Fiverr - Logic and reason often seem to go missing lately and I can’t quite understand why. What truly winds me up is the lack of respect. It’s one thing after another. It feels like every few months some ominous or suspect change happens, just out of the blue, and it feels unnecessary. It’s hard enough working for yourself (at least for me), I’d rather just be left alone to get on with it rather than have unnecessary stresses to juggle. Just like in Fiverr’s early days… 😟
  6. Maybe that was the whole purpose to begin with: instead of spending time themselves to figure out the details, they made it vague so that we all debate this and give them ideas 👀 #crowd_brainstorming
  7. I know, right. I read it as something positive as well. At first. 🙂 Also, how are we supposed to “value quality over quantity” when we can’t decline projects without repercussions? Unless it’s about custom offers specifically. The more I think about the letter, the more it doesn’t make any sense to me. I think by quantity they meant those TRS who still offer $5-10 gigs and have lots of small orders. So I assume Fiverr wants us to up our prices to a point where we don’t get many orders, but rather few and big orders.
  8. When I received that email, I saw the headline keywords “quality reviews” & “TRS”, so my first thought was “sweet, finally some new feature for TRS, we hadn’t gotten any since like forever! Probably they’re finally doing something with the current conflicting order reviews system” Then I open it, and with every line I read it started to feel more like this: …and there go the happy emails from Fiverr 😦 I used to be happy to receive emails/updates from Fiverr, now it’s getting scarier with each email/update 😕 Anyway, I guess the timing coincided with different matters that we all were dealing with. Some were dealing with cancellations, some with CS, others with the way they work/deliver, which means there is no exact coincidence to have triggered that email. It’s just a coincidence that there were so many coincidences. Or something :thinking: Bottom line: it must have been an automated email, for it seems we all got it at about the same time 🙂 So whatever you were doing Fiverr-related at the time you got the email, it was most likely a coincidence, and didn’t actually trigger that email being sent to you 🙂
  9. I’m sorry to see you’re having a bad experience with the chat system 😦 The thing is, it doesn’t matter if you’re already selling, the limitations must still exist because a lot of existing sellers have abused the system and keep abusing the system on a daily basis 😦 I’ve seen veteran sellers who eventually abused the system when no one would have thought they would do such things, which is sad to see 😦 There’s one other thing: if something is being blocked, like a word for example, it’s because there’s previous history of that word being misused, and Fiverr wants to protect its image just like any other major platform out there. As a real world personal example, I can’t count how many users (and some existing sellers) have threaten me and my family and have used the d3ath word in the process - I don’t want to see such messages ever again in my life, and I’m thankful that the system blocks that word to keep my sanity in check 🙂 Now, if your niche deals with matters that trigger the blocking system, the only thing you can do is have a talk with Customer Support and see what options you have 🙂 P.S. the blocking bot you’re talking about wasn’t implemented to give a hard time to sellers, it was implemented to protect sellers and buyers from some really bad (even traumatic) experiences since we live in a completely unsafe digital world where everyone can literally say anything that’s on their minds; it was implemented to protect us from being scammed, threatened and so on. I’d take this protection any and every day over an unfiltered system that can lead to some unimaginable consequences.
  10. The comments with old design photos on that tweet are awesome 😃 #gainboxLOL
  11. …and besides her is shifty pop, the long-time famous jingle creator 🙂
  12. I’ve been asking for this ‘feature’ (honestly it should be the default design, not a feature) for over 5 years now, in the forum, via CS & via my success manager, and seeing how nothing has been done to remedy this design problem, I kind of lost hope and don’t think they’ll ever change it 😔 So I resigned myself with the situation, and I just go through the constant misunderstandings and confusions almost on a daily basis for over 5 years, banging my head against the desk with every buyer who fills out those extra fields without having ordered them, or who doesn’t fill out those fields even though they ordered them, trying to explain to each one of them the situation, why I will ignore that info, or why I need that info :roll_eyes: P.S. I can’t count how many buyers got angry while filling the instructions and putting “No, no, NO, NO, I didn’t buy this, God this is taking too long” because apparently on some mobile devices the optional fields are still required :man_facepalming:
  13. I feel like readability is missing from the list. Because maaaan do people ignore readability these days. Everyone’s so creative with their fancy font kits and then you have to deal with your eyes bleeding after reading through one page of text. 🙂 Ugh, how did I forget to include that :man_facepalming: that is so true, and I’ve seen so many websites with text that was barely readable, let alone printed materials! I wish I could include it, but the forum doesn’t allow me to edit the poll anymore 😦 Well, you could choose “established type foundry” since they usually make their fonts readable (most established foundries go through years and great lengths of testing their fonts), or you could choose “appearance” since I guess it can be correlated with readability.
  14. That’s one of the hardest questions ever 😃 But if my life depended on it, I’d go with the elegant & tried-and-tested by time, the Georgia typeface - it’s just emanates perfection, elegance, classic touch, it has a unique finesse! Works on books, works on titles, works at small or large sizes, just look at it: Oh, and here are its many fonts: I guess I’m more of a serif kind of guy 😃 Many I know prefer the clean & geometric sans fonts…
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