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Require "pause" on profile view to be confirmed!

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I accidentally paused my main gig last night when I was on my profile page. I instantly un-paused it, but it apparently got caught in review by the team.

Impressions have been a steady 3k each day, today it’s gotten 0.

Other sellers have done this too (and some didn’t notice for a while).

Fiverr Please remove this option on the profile view, or at least have a confirmation box popup before it instantly deactivates a gig.

EDIT: Scroll down and vote in the poll at the following link if you agree 🙂

favicon.icoFiverr Forum

☑ Mistakenly Paused Gig, thanks to New Fiverr's design

?I STRONGLY suggest a 2-step ACTION verification similar to below: ⚠ Note: the above screenshot is simulated.


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