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New account or just try harder on the present one?


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Hello, Fiverr community!
After 168 completed orders and some bad reviews, my account rating got to 93% which is bad and I am responsible for it because I had periods in which I neglected my orders because I had to study very much. Now I am following a course for logo design and I will try to make this my base gig. The question is, should I create a new account or to remain and repair this one (if it’s possible)?
Thank you!

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You have an aged account, and a good number of reviews.

I think you should give this account another shot.

You would know it takes time and patience along with a plethora of other things to get an account going here on Fiverr.

You would just need to ensure that you keep getting 5 reviews here on, so you can bring your current average up.

Add few more gigs maybe, update the current gig with your newly acquired knowledge on logo design.

I think you can do it! 👍

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