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  1. @mjensen415 Hello there, Interested to getting a seller plus to join on them, it's amazing update they have done better from old. please send the invitation so we will join on it.
  2. Hello, Its amazing improvement on the forum site, really excited to explore on the site.
  3. Thanks you so much @fiverr team we will check it this out.
  4. @mjensen415 we are Interested to join on the seller plus program can we get invitation. please.
  5. I’m interested in trying out the Seller Plus Program
  6. Hello, This is new update and its amazing… for buyer and also seller 🙂
  7. Hello, The issue was solve now you can check it that, now it will showing the order.
  8. Yes your are Right… you @sharmabipul62 have to read the trust & safety terms.
  9. Hello, That’s awesome new update on custom offer,Thank 🙂
  10. Hey Sorry to here that, you can report to CS and they will help you to solve this issue,. Thanks
  11. Sorry for your bad experience with you, you can also find the many seller with a quality design with service also, you can higher a TRS seller for this project so i hope you get a final design as you want,
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