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  1. Gig rotation is normal in Fiverr. But my gig has been stuck on the same page for about 5 months. It does not rotate. It is possible? Or did quit my gig algorithm for some reason?
  2. I have this problem. My gig has been stuck in the same place for three months. They don’t rotate. Even if I complete the returning client orders with reviews, the gig won’t shake.
  3. The problem I have is that even though I have completed many orders from recurring customers with a 5-star rating, there is still no difference in rank. Gigs is not rotating
  4. Hi there, My gig on the First page was hidden from search pages three months ago for no reason. After that, I completed many orders from repeat customers with 5-star ratings, still no change in rank. Gigs are not rotating. They are always stuck in the one place. (The gig has been stuck in one place for three consecutive months. It’s a big-time And unusual) What can I do for this? Thanks
  5. I also have this problem. My gig was always on the first page. But two months ago it was hidden from search pages. I can see it only in the last pages by filtering the Seller Level. I have completed 25 orders with return buyers this two month with 5 Star Reviews and Tips. But the gig won’t shake. It doesn’t rotate. Trapped in one place. I think it’s definitely a technical flaw.
  6. I have a problem like this from 3 months ago. It hasn’t been correct yet.
  7. Is it more a result of placing my original image than a logo?
  8. Hello, I’m thinking about changing my Fiverr profile Image. Is there an effect of changing the Fiverr profile image? Thank you.
  9. This happened to me too. Two gigs on my first page left the search list for no reason.
  10. My gig was on the first page for a long time. (https://www.fiverr.com/gsmgraphic9/design-a-professional-youtube-banner) But before two days it was hidden from the search list for no reason. Due to this, orders have been stopped. and all of Impressions,views,click is very down. this will be correct again? Or what can I do to fix this. Does anyone have experience with this? Thank you.
  11. My problem is that two gigs on the first page in one day left the entire search list. All gigs are off the search list. They are not found anywhere. All Gigs active. but All gigs are off the search list. They are not found anywhere. I don’t know the reason. my Sales and review is good.
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