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  1. Hello, I am a Level 2 Fiverr seller since 2019, at start I was getting many orders as my gig was showing at search results and some were at the first page but It's been a year I am not getting a single query even my gig is not showing in search result I even hire a SEO expert and made changes including gig images, I also created some new gigs but that still not getting impression and clicks and not even single query. Should I delete all my gigs and create new gigs using the same profile? Will it treat as a new gig and seller? I have heard fiverr give many opportunity to new sellers. Please kindly help me to grow more. Thank you
  2. Hi, I am a level 2 seller with more than 500 orders completed successfully, I used to recieve 5+ orders and many buyers messages daily, I have 400+ positive 5 star reviews. But from past two months, my gig is not visiable, impressions are down to 40. It used to be 30k. What should I do? I have not done anything that can harm my ranking. Its so bad, you provide quality work, but Fiverr's algo can derank you whenever it wants for unkown reasons. Please advice!
  3. Hi everyone! So I am level 2 seller, my gigs was on the first page and everything was going well. Suddenly all my gigs are on the last pages and my impressions goes from 35k to 200. This is all start when I want to try the feature of promoted gigs then they are saying that my gigs are unqualified. Can you please let if there is anyone with the same issue and how did you fix this problem. Looking to hear something positive. Thank you!
  4. Why my gig is putt on third page after one page? What is its solution?
  5. Why my gig is putt on third page after one page? What is its solution? Impression was 2000 and now under 600
  6. Hello. Please see the attached impression graph of my main gig. I have numbered the number of times my gigs got de-ranked in the graph. I got my gigs got de-ranked 8 times since I started to sell my services on Fiverr. But it was bearable as I got orders between the de-rankings to make a living. And the de-rankings gave me time to up my game by fine-tuning my gigs to provide quality work with the best customer service. Plus, every good seller out there should have a chance to be re-ranked and get orders. But I cannot say the same thing for the 8th (present) de-ranking I'm experiencing. There were only four days between the 7th and 8th de-ranking where I did not get any orders. There were only four orders since the 7th de-ranking (since 07th November 2022) up until now. I managed to get them via social media sharing and from returning buyers, for which I got 5-star ratings. And looking at the four positive reviews I received for them and two buyers placing back-to-back orders, I'm NOT worried about their private feedback. So I believe this unfortunate situation occurred from the order I completed on 07th November 2022. A buyer with +500 seller reviews contacted me and checked my availability. I said that I was available and listened to his requirement. After making sure he read and understood my gig conditions, I sent him a custom offer covering all his needs. The buyer accepted it within a minute and then expressed there was some extra work as well. Then he vaguely answered the questions and submitted the questionnaire promising he would complete it in 24 hours. I politely explained to him that I needed the details asap as the order clock had started. And he had sent the details via a Fiverr message along with a few video links after about 12 hours while I was asleep. So I read it about 20 hours after the commencement of the order. I noted there was too much extra work he did not mention in the initial discussion. If it had been a small amount of extra work, I would not mind. I would do it for free, as I generally do when I face similar situations. But his extra work was a lot. Then I messaged him back and attempted to start a conversation about the discrepancies between his initial requirement and the requirements he had sent. What he did was initiate a dispute requesting to cancel the order mutually. It was like he did not even bother to explain. I rejected the request mentioning there was no error from my side and that I do not wish my gigs to be de-ranked because of this cancellation. It seemed the buyer gave me an ultimatum; to complete the order regardless of the extra work or cancel it. I did not wish my gigs to get de-ranked for another 5 1/2 months like the 1st time (I wrote a separate post regarding that incident 1 year and 2 months back. You can find it in: community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/265055-fiverr-gig-de-ranked-for-5-months-after-an-argument-with-a-vid-buyer-followed-by-an-order-cancellation/#comment-1651800 ). So I said I would deliver the requested work. Then I gave extra special attention to his order and proceeded with it. I made sure to separately present the default work and extra work I did on the delivery PDF. I hoped the buyer would notice the quantity of the extra work I had done and consider additional pay as a tip. I delivered the PDF 24 hours before the deadline and was hoping for the best. After about two days, the buyer completed the order and gave me a 5-star rating with a positive review (As you know, I was not aware of his rating until I rated him). But I never received an extra payment as I expected. I knew I deserved it for the amount of effort I put in. So I gave him a 1-star rating and wrote a summary of my negative experience as the review. I believe it triggered the buyer to submit negative private feedback. And I am pretty sure it caused these two consecutive gig de-rankings spanning 41 days and counting. I contacted Fiverr customer service and asked for clarification on the last-say of buyer. I needed to know whether there is a system to nullify negative private feedback from a buyer if they have given a 5-star rating to the same order and provided a positive review. It seems there is not. This incident again made me feel the buyer always gets the last saying whatever their actions were, and the seller has to pay the price by getting de-ranked. I really wish my gigs would be re-ranked soon.
  7. Hello I created my Fiverr account in December 2020. I received my first order in January 2021, which earned a 5-star rating with a good review. After that, impressions increased gradually, and so did orders. In April, my main gig received about 1000 impressions a day. I received at least one order daily. There were days I had to pause my gig due to the excessive workload. By this time, I had faced only one order cancellation. It was a cancellation done by Fiverr CS under my request, as the buyer was continuously asking for revisions. Hence, my gig ranking was not affected. During the last week of April, I had about five orders on the dashboard. During this time, my rating was 4.9 (still 4.9). Then one of my family members was hospitalized, and I needed an urgent four-day leave. So asked for delivery date extensions from the buyers, saying it was a technical difficulty. 4/5 buyers accepted it without any problems. Only one buyer rejected the request without any reply. As it was urgent, I politely asked the buyer via a message. And the buyer did not reply to that as well. So I put my urgency aside, completed the order, and delivered about 14 hours before the due date, without any reduction in quality of work. I thought the buyer would complete the order immediately or ask for a revision because it seemed he was in a hurry. But that did not happen. Two days after the order delivery, there was no response from the buyer. It made me realize that neither the buyer had an urgency nor had any issue with the order. I waited until the order was auto-completed the next day. But the buyer asked for revision with a message saying he thinks that he squeezed me for time, and he doesn't like any of those options. But it didn't even say what was wrong with the delivery. I got mad (which I regret now). Then I told him that I did not have any problem with time (which is not true). Since he didn't respond earlier, he must not have a problem with time either. And if he wants revision, let me know what was wrong with the delivery. The buyer misinterpreted my message as I didn't want to deliver revisions. So he requested to cancel the order mutually. I rejected it and said I had already spent my time on this work. Hence, I will not agree to cancel it, and I will deliver revisions if he is more specific. Then he requested revisions with new instructions. I returned a quality delivery. But the buyer wants to cancel the order saying we were not on the same page. He said he had bought 100 orders from Fiverr, never asked for a refund, and he would complain to CS about this. I asked him to proceed, wishing CS would take my side (silly me) because I knew I was right. The argument went on both sides several times. Then he threatened me that he would give me a negative rating when I rejected the mutual cancellation again. But in the end, fearing for a negative rating, I sent a mutual cancellation request to the buyer. Before sending it, I received a warning from Fiverr saying that the gig would be de-ranked. But I proceeded anyway. It has been 154 days since the de-ranking. I receive around 20 impressions a day. And zero orders from new buyers. I contacted Fiverr CS four times. As per their instructions I shared my gig on social media, took skill tests, sent buyer requests, and stayed online. Last week, I changed my gig title, description, metadata, photo as well. Nothing has helped so far. What is left to do now to get my gigs re-ranked? Will it ever re-rank? If, when? Kind Regards, Priyan
  8. Hi! My account was working awesome 2 months before. And then suddenly all of my gigs disappeared from search. One month back I got 4-5 orders from my old clients. And, all the orders completed amazingly, still my gigs didn't appear on a single page. And now It's been two months, sometimes I get one or two small orders from my old clients. But nothing new, neither a message. My impressions, clicks are dying. Can you please let me know the reason? Ever happened to you? I'll be grateful for the help. Thanks!
  9. I'm level 2 seller and unfortunately account got Deranked, impresaiions drops from 16k to 50, How can I get back ranking? Your valuble suggestions will be appreciated.
  10. Although i got 8 orders from order buyers but after one month they still deranked can someone guide plx
  11. Hi there, I highly need you guys to help me with my gig. I just wrote this gig 15 days back now, and It has deranked badly. I don't know what next to do or not to do that will make it rank or if I should lose hope on this account. I've done some promotions such as; Social media promotion, forums,s and many more which got me 3 orders within those days. I'd appreciate it if you can help me look into this. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello Everyone! My gig has been deranked from two months and its impressions are very lowest at this time. I am struggling alot in this to re-rank it again. Kindly please suggest me TIPS so I can rank it again and also please tell me what editing the description and changing one or two tags will help or not ?
  13. Hello Everyone! My gig has been deranked from two months and its impressions are very lowest at this time. I am struggling alot in this to re-rank it again. Kindly please suggest me TIPS so I can rank it again and also please tell me what editing the description and changing one or two tags will help or not ?
  14. Hi beautiful people, I am a level two seller with over 1200+ reviews on my niche. My gig got deranked last week and it is nowhere shown on the search results, its really frustrating that its my full time profession, i really worked hard to get to this postion (Over 3 years hardwork with minimal sleep time). I even replied to buyers during normal sleep hours. All my hard work gone in one day? I was getting enquires and orders everyday, after the derank I dont have a single messages from any buyer nor any orders. If im on travel (driving), I even stop the car to text back my buyers, that how dedicated Im. But all in vain. I am really frustrated and unhappy about this. My gig was shown in top 5 all the time before deranking, and my eyes are bleeding checking everytime to know that my gig is nowhere to be found on the search result. I know that gig rotation happens, and every buyer needs spotlight. But its hard to accept the fact that the gig is nowhere shown on the search. People with similar situation please reply their experience. Thank you so much ❤️ Tried contacting fiverr support and all they give is template messages. I dont have option to promote my gig also. My gig: https://www.fiverr.com/soft_light
  15. I am top rated seller on fiverr. I have completed more than +1500 orders but suddenly 2-3 days ago my all gig went on last page. I need expert suggestion, how I will again rank my account.
  16. Hello Experienced Fiverr sellers I am new to Fiverr I joined in February. I am currently a level 1 seller and requirements of level 2 have set in. But unfortunately my account has been deranked in the last 10 days my impression went down from 22k to 400 impressions what can I do to the account to get ranked back as fast as possible? Thanks and looking for tips that would help 🙂
  17. Hello! Kindly have look on the screen shot. My gig was ranking on first few pages, was getting orders daily and completing them with 5 stars, no order cancelled. Then i changed the gig pricing two times(you can see two orange dots). After that my gig was removed from search and is now on last page, its been soo many days now. I have completed 6-7 orders from my regular clients in these past days, still gig is on last page.......Any hope or gig is actually dead?
  18. One Month Ago I Received First Warning In My Fiverr Profile, When It Was Received After That My All Gigs Are Down 1st Page To Last Page. So This Month I Got My Level 1 Badge, But My Gigs Are Still Derank. So In such A Situation What Can I Do? Any Solution?
  19. I need to restart my fiverr from beginning, and i want to know which details can still be used in a new account. I am thinking of deactivating my old account
  20. I want to launch a new gig, but for a while now, all my gigs have been deranked. What is the advice. Should i abandon an account i have built and start afresh?
  21. Hi guys, I am an ecommerce manager which means I need to be in contact with my clients based on work, I suggested a zoom call with one of my clients which I need to explain some problems on the store. I only did it because the client was not active on fiverr. After a day or two I noticed that all my gigs are deranked and are all at the last page on fiverr search. Can anyone give his/her opinion on what caused it and what can be done to solve it? As for the orders, I had all orders on fiverr from the client.
  22. Hello guys, I am happy to be part of this community of great minds. I'm here to find a better solution to my problem. Fiverr stopped promoting all my gigs, even after I have 3 of my gigs performing well and I'm also getting orders weekly. I don't know why it's stopped on all my gigs at once. I have tried editing the gigs and even added a video to one of it but still no positive results. Pls has anyone experienced this or knows a way out for me? Thanks, Ridwan
  23. Hello, Fiverr forum hope to find answer here. I want to ask this question what can we trace it to that make Fiverr account to derank earlier without receive any message or order.
  24. My account was temporarily disabled after trying multiple times to verify it. I have sent a message to Fiver customer support for help. If at all my account is restored, will my gigs derank? Please, I'm really worried.
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