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  1. She's absolutely right. You're going to learn a lot from fiverr forum.
  2. @brealsCan you please help me also? Please look at my gigs and inform me that if I need any improvement.
  3. @breals I think forum is very helpful for the beginners like us because I've learned too much from this forum and you all. Although some people misuse it but for me it is a treasure of informative advices.
  4. @furyy123 I think every time there is a space for improvement. As I am a starter so I don't have much experience but believe me you are going to learn almost everything if you discover the forum and check the posts of @jonbaas@vickieito@vickiespencer@uk1000@smashradio
  5. Okayyyy!! Thank you for your time. @smashradio
  6. @smashradio Please have a look on my gig's impressions and clicks, are they going fine or I need to change something.
  7. No! I changed my gigs according to whatever you said. If I am missing something ,kindly inform me. I'll be grateful. I am submitting offers to buyer requests.
  8. @uk1000@vickieito One of my gig has 329 impressions and 29 clicks in just 15 days but I am waiting for orders!!!!
  9. When I change my gig description, it has positive effect . And the credit for this progress goes to @vickieito@imagination7413@filipdevaere@uk1000@jonbaas They all are my mentors and very respected for me.
  10. Hello! I am a new seller on fiverr and need your help to improve my gigs. Can you please visit my profile and guide me. I am hoping for a nice response from you because I got too rude replies for this request.

  11. Hello! I am a new seller on fiverr and request you to visit my profile and highlight my shortcomings? I will be thankful.

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