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  1. Last night I unintentionally fell to sleep listening to SKY News Live, and it did nothing for me. I slept about as turbulently as the UK Markets currently are, unsurprisingly 🙃
  2. We like what we like @sabinespoems, what can I say, haha. This also make me laugh too, which is also slightly disconcerting 🤭
  3. chat5x20

    Counting Sheep

    Here in Wales there are plenty of sheep but in other news, how do you aid yourself to sleep ? Following a guided meditation by 'The Honest Guys' normally sends me into a golden slumber or alternatively I listen to a surah from the Quran, alhamdullah :') How about yourselves ? 🐑
  4. is the candy available for sale here on Fiverr @katakatica ? 🤭
  5. A long time ago I seemed to have adopted the idea that I like treating Monday's as if it was January 1st (the first day of the new year). I truly don't know where this idea came from but it works. I feel fairly hopeful, organised and motivated on Monday's/January 1st as a result, as a non-drinker of alcohol needless to say. I know that a lot of people sleep through January 1st in this neck of the woods after a heavy night saying goodbye to the year gone by, haha.
  6. Hello Forum goers, I have a question with regards to payments made by donation please: Is it possible to offer this option to prospective clients, do we know ? I would like to be able to offer a service whereby a client is able to pay what they feel or what they are able to reasonably afford (if at all) but I don't seem to have found a way to facilitate this kind of 'transaction' yet. As ever your guidance is much welcome and appreciated. Thank you in advance. Kindness, Leila 💬
  7. chat5x20


    Two Fiverr girls in Hawaii, Needless to say, I am absolutely jealous, haha. I do wish you both, @mandyzines and @vickieito the best time ever and that of course, the island does not sink... ! Thank you for sharing the post too Vicki, it seems like a very helpful one 🙂
  8. Hello gisellevargas, it's great to hear from you and thank you for your comment too. Believe it or not, you are absolutely not alone on this journey and the truth is that I experience self-defeating thoughts sometimes too: "am I really capable of...", "am I doing the best that I can do in regards to..."! I happen to think that the doubts that we have, are in fact a large part of the personal development process, annoying though they can be. One of the books that I am reading the moment is called "Overcoming Low Self-esteem: A self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques" by Melanie Fennell. I don't believe that we must or should be perfect in all that we seek to do or achieve. It's great that you're here, and I do hope that we might get to know each other better (my virtual door is always open). Thank you for your kind comments too, Vicki seems great and very knowledgeable and insightful. Fiverr community is something that I am enjoying a lot (:
  9. Bless you furyy123, thank you very much... ! Congratulations on your new Fiverr venture, how wonderful and exciting. I am relatively new here too, and forever learning. Nonetheless my inbox is always open if ever I can be of any help to you, and I do wish the very best for you here at Fiverr 🙂
  10. chat5x20


    Guilty: I have been on vacation 🌴 I was able to spend some time in Marrakech, Morocco recently visiting my husband, alhamdulillah. and I wonder will you be taking any holiday breaks during the remainder of this year ? Where will you visit ? Happy vacationing Fiverr folks 🌎
  11. Interesting thread 🌍 I was born in Wales (United Kingdom) raised by my family as a native English speaker. In primary and secondary school I learned Welsh as a second language, although I am sadly still not yet fluent. Alongside Welsh (as a second language), at secondary school we were taught French and German (as additional languages) all of which I am embarrassed to say I forgot. When I became a young adult I began to learn Spanish for pleasure. I decided to live for a short time in Spain in an attempt to improve my skills. I can now speak and understand basic Spanish, although I have also forgotten a large amount. In more recent years, since about 5 years ago, after marrying my husband (alhamdulillah) I began to learn some Darija (Moroccan Arabic) and some Tamazight. My husband is Moroccan-Amazigh and is the eldest of a very multilingual family, and nation for that matter... ! And while this might all seem very impressive, the fact of the matter is that I am still a beginner in Welsh, Spanish, Darija and Tamazight, and that my primary language remains to be English, sadly. 'Duolingo' is my primary educational language resource, and Morocco (and my husband) are my primary in-person language resources. I do endeavour to become fluent in Welsh, Darija (Arabic) and Tamazight, because I want to read Quran in Arabic, inshallah. and of course to communicate with my family and future children, inshallah. So on that note, if anybody here happens to read this, and is a native speaker of Darija (Arabic), and/or Tamazight, please contact me. For my husband would surely like a translation break, haha. 🌍
  12. Good morning Forum folks I am coming to you this morning from Marrakech, Morocco with one question: What (if anything) are you thankful for ? Wednesday blessings, Leila CHAT5X20
  13. chat5x20

    Work or Play ?

    It's nearing Friday night (BST London) and I am curious: do you work or do you play ? I have always worked during the weekend and it somehow seems to be my most productive 🥂
  14. How fantastic, thank you for sharing ! 'There is no complete health without mental health' according to a great source and a close friend 👐🏽
  15. Hello vickieito and thank you for your message I could not agree more: peer-support is transformative. I have always found it very humbling to know that we don't have to be alone in our ventures, and Fiverr has made that an incredibly positive experience so far ! Thank you for taking the time to ask. I hope that we get the opportunity to become friends 🤝🏼 my door (virtually speaking) is always open—Leila
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