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  1. Congratulation!! Hard Work Always Pays Off Looking Forward to See You in Fiverr PRO
  2. far as I know Fiverr provide all the required feature for anyone to connect with a seller like calling video sharing files. if your customer is asking you to connect out the Fiverr its a violation of policy and a red alert for you, share with the client that connecting outside is prohibited as per Fiverr policy if he/she will not understand reporting or blocking him/her is the only you have left in your hand you can't just share any random person to your details. own privacy is the greatest treasure you have.
  3. yes currently doing that only, thank you @vickieito\ got it thank you @lloydsolutions i did not get any new order lately , although i have some good repeated buyer i am offering them some low cost services like bug fix, plugins updates to get as many orders i can to my gig
  4. recently i get sudden drop in my gig ranking my gig which way is the first page ranking in between top 5 -10 suddenly gone down to page 3 https://www.fiverr.com/theamitsingh/build-complete-ecommerce-website-to-get-your-business-online Any idea i can improve my gig or any reason for this gig rank dropping. and its not like i never face gig rank dropping but this time it drop with huge rank
  5. hello there sir, i would like to know what is the process to get the deleted gig back whom i deleted by mistake?

    1. theamitsingh


      see you have to contact fiverr team as early as possible and share thwm your queries they will help you out.

      Help & Support | Fiverr

    2. wordpress_verge


      ok I will contact them today

  6. I got, I told them it pretty early but they told me that I can have it shook! I got any, can I buy them from somewhere, do you any place?
  7. Even the Fiverr owner does not know I guess😂, how do we know that
  8. see you cannot rank your gig with anything like marketing if you want to rank it, first make/create a contentful gig with the best keywords that describe your service along with that make a catch and unique banners, also get as many reviews you can. but if you want more orders easily then you can try FIVERR PROMOTED GIG Option where Fiverr promote your gig to 1st page and generate more clicks but yeah if your gig is not good enough even promotion can not do anything
  9. Definitely! As much I experienced staying online is never the case for gig ranking.
  10. It doesn't matter your gig should be content with the right keywording and your banners are violating the Fiverr policy. have a look at my banner
  11. Please i need an answer to my question below

    i created two gigs but none of them is in online sellers section. Can someone tell me what is wrong please?

    Is there a glitch or there is something i'm not doing?

    1. theamitsingh


      Its because you are not always online download fiverr app and active online button after few hours you will show online { make sure your phone remain online } 

  12. there is an accessibility Option in Fiverr where you can customize the Fiverr front end for yourself if you find Health issues with continuous starring on the Fiverr screen
  13. Aim from Zero to Infinity

    1. mdhasanulkabir


      Best of luck in future 

  14. No one support war, people understand eventually after the second world war, but some time to protect our people and our border leader has to take a harsh decision, 60% of people unaware of why the war started, as leader Putin is quite popular in 2019 - 2020, he is bold and quick decision-maker, he knows what he is doing fully aware of consciences, I'm from India and Indian are neutral opinion on the war. but it is very sad to know many lives were killed. first covid then war, the world is facing huge lose WE HAVE TO STAND AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER, WAR HAS NEVER BEEN A SOLUTION TO ANY PROBLEM.
  15. welocme to the community make yourself and community usefull.
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