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  1. Some sellers are really rude here… He asked a very simple question & some sellers are being ignorant for no reason at all… I mean 18x18 size is not that easy. He wanted a high quality favicon or icon. Guys help him or please don’t reply if you don’t know anything about graphic designing. Some even told him to go to Adobe forums for this… I mean WTF 😅
  2. Well who’s here to help you? You know me very well 😅 We both are web designers and yes I can understand your pain. Your last delivery was 1 day ago so don’t worry but yes we all are here for money. And we want more and more in our life. Isn’t it? Let’s talk about the title: I will design UI UX for mobile apps in adobe xd (Please fix it & write a new SEO friendly title) Let’s talk about your description: First line is: CONTACT ME BEFORE PLACING ORDER* (It’s unprofessional) Please don’t use this line in the starting. Some other tips: Use a Video in this gig: https://www.fiverr.com/nikitakakade24/design-ui-ux-wireframes-for-website-and-mobile-applications and yes please change your tags regularly. (I mean every single week or so) Btw, Your overall Fiverr profile is professional and eye-catching so don’t worry about it. And yes may you always walk the glorious road to success. All the best in life. May you achieve greatness and touch all your dreams. 😇
  3. Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for services. So yes we can expect these kind of things 🙂 Thousands of sellers & yes Million+ services & almost 100K+ Videos. (They need to learn some security related stuff from Youtube, & Yes I’ve watched many stolen videos on Fiverr & some with copyrighted music) Lol, I even watched some weird stuff here so yes we can expect (Porn) clips too 😄
  4. You’re not alone but don’t worry we well fight together in this tough time 🙂
  5. Please provide his Fiverr Profile link here or just username (And please do not break any Forum rules) I don’t think my gigs are not visible in search results because I’m getting so many impressions but it’s not converting to clicks and then orders. Trust me, Here I’m more active than you 😅
  6. Please tell them by creating a support request here: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new (So they can fix your profile or overall marketplace)
  7. Gigs are active, That’s why I’m getting so many impressions but yes almost No clicks or Orders. I’ve created a support request today & I will share it with you guys pretty soon 🙂
  8. I’m not getting any orders from last 30 days now. Yes (October) was a slow month for me & I’ve received like 3 orders total in that time. They gave me my Level 2 seller back in October 2020 but right now I’m a Level 1 seller again, You can see yourself. This month no orders, no messages (Nothing) I’m really afraid now 😦
  9. Don’t worry this (COVID-19) pandemic will end soon, Stay patient 🙂
  10. Wow, 11K Total Views… (This topic is still popular) COVID-19 REALLY CHANGED OUR LIVES. Thanks guys for being active here & yes some users are really positive here & they post & give some really good suggestions or advices 🙂 No sales at all ( Solved for me finally) Wish me luck ✌️
  11. It’s just a myth, Please don’t use such extensions on chrome or any other browsers. You will not get any orders by just staying Online 24/7. You have to earn it by improving your skills & yes please use a (Official Fiverr application on Android or iOS devices) Auto-refresh extensions are useless and I can assure you that it will not help you in anyway possible. You’re saying, You can get orders by staying 24/7 online? I mean you have a life or not? We’re not some robots but a normal human beings who are providing services here so we can earn some money. We have 2 different life’s (One is our personal life & other one is our Professional life) Please note: Both are important. Yes money is important but money can’t buy you everything. MONEY CAN BUY A HOUSE BUT NOT A HOME MONEY CAN BUY A BED BUT NOT SLEEP MONEY CAN BUY A CLOCK BUT NOT TIME MONEY CAN BUY FOOD BUT NOT APPETITE MONEY CAN BUY POSITION BUT NOT RESPECT MONEY CAN BUY BLOOD BUT NOT LIFE Think again… Staying (24/7) Online here is not really worth it… 8-10 hours of work everyday is sufficient. 😇
  12. If (submit a new request) page is not working for you which is: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new You can send them an E-mail. That’s what we’re taking about 😅
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