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  1. Good morning, I hope you are well and healthy! I was hardly worthy of having the "Promoted Gigs" activate this option, honestly despite my Gig being a Best Seller, this option raised my business and I honestly considered that the cost of it was 100% worth it. 3 months ago, in February my Gigs were no longer eligible to be promoted, I think it had to do with 3 orders that I had to cancel due to a major reason: I had COVID-19, the Omicron variant and emotionally I spent days very low where I forgot to activate the Out of Office mood to avoid this problem. Months have passed today, my Gig with more than 400 positive reviews does not even appear on the first page of searches because of its good reputation... it is in the last pages, hopefully I receive 1 order every 2 weeks. To this day, I have 100% response, compliance and rating, I still don't get my order back to what it was before... I am very frustrated, I went from making more than $1000 a month at least to $20 with luck! It's kind of frustrating since I'm 100% loyal to Fiverr in the sense that I don't want to offer my services elsewhere, I appreciate the attention when I need support and how they're growing and making amazing features but I feel like all the work I've done since 2018 here it is displaced and buried, so much effort to always offer a 10/10 experience as if it didn't exist. I hope to hear about your experiences and advice, sorry if I take the time to vent!
  2. So recently I've been getting bombarded with emails and reminders from Fiverr to try their Seller Plus Program. I've been getting offers for it since I believe it first rolled out onto the platform and I've never been interested in it because it didn't seem to offer me anything I needed. I know there are other sellers on this platform that swear by it but it just never appealed to me and I was doing just fine without it. To each their own, you know? Now Promoted Gigs is a feature I've tried on and off. Back when my gigs would be either one of 20 or 200, it didn't really do much to help me stand out because I was always on the first and second row of the first page (niching down is a blessing). But now with so many more sellers on the site, I've gone back to using it with positive results. I just felt for the longest time it wouldn't help much since you "paid per click". And a lot of other sellers like to check out their competition without the intention of buying, so it became a situations were you'd just end up paying to be more visible for other sellers to click your gig without buying. I still have mixed feelings about it, but it works. Cash Advance is another feature that I talked about a while back so no need repeating it here. It's available for those who need it but I agree with other sellers that it just seems like another tactic to squeeze money out of (desperate) sellers. So that's my long winded way of asking, what's your favourite extra Fiverr feature and why? Was their any I missed? And which do you prefer using and or avoid at all cost? (I excluded Advance Pay because it's a feature Fiverr STILL won't let me have and I'm spiteful. I'm level 2 and been here for 2 years, what more do you want Fiverr!? I been a good girl I swear!! 🥺🛐 I'll pay for Seller Plus if you let me have it!! Maybe 😂😅)
  3. I'm a bit lost here. Can you help me? Since Nov 15th, I got the option for promoted gigs for a certain gig and have been using that ever since then. Had great impressions, clicks, and orders. Also, when searched using the two main keywords of my gig, the gig appeared within 1st two rows of the first page when searched. Since Dec 30th, my gig has appeared on the last search page, when searched with the keywords. However, the funny part is that my gig is still active under the 'promoted gigs' tab, and they still charge me daily. I'm not getting new orders, and impressions/clicks have dropped. I contacted them and raised a support thread. They are not replying me for three days straight. Please, can someone help me understand what's going on? It's fine by me that they need to rotate my gig and place it last, but still charging me the same under 'promoted gigs' is not ethical then, isn't it? Thanks in advance! P.S.: I'm a level 2 seller with a 100% rating on everything - (response rate, order completion, on-time delivery). Also, I only have 5-star reviews, amounting to a total of around 50.
  4. Why My Fiverr Promoted Gig Unqualified? What Gigs can be promoted? You are a Level 1, Level 2, or Top Rated or Pro seller. Your Gig scores are 4.7 in the public rating. Your Gig has at least 20 reviews. Pro Gigs require only 5 reviews. You meet additional quality metrics. Hello everybody, Today Fiverr qualified my promoted gig. My first 1,2,3 requirement is ok. But I cannot understand number four requirement. My gig was running last 8 to 9 months. I cannot understand why it happened. 10 days ago my bid was $0.70. I increased my bid recently. Dear experts, please help me fix my problem. best regards, ashike_iqbal
  5. I'm a level one seller and have got 70 impressions, 1 click and 1 order in 50 days on my new promoted gig option. My order completion rate was 90% and it decreased at 88% for not completing new orders. My organic impression is average 100+ every day. But I'm not getting any order organically or by promoted gig option. How can I set promoted gig option properly?
  6. Hello Everyone! I am very confused about promoted GIG Yesterday I edit my gig. I have 3 order queue in my gig. But today my gig is Unqualified. Now i am what to do? Does have any suggestions on what to do?
  7. I love promoted gig features on fiverr, I have experienced it, it's work just awesome, I realy like this
  8. Hello everyone! I have a problem with my promoted gigs option. Recently I had all of my gigs deranked from first pages and the gigs were not qualified for promoted as well, but today I have got the promoted gigs option back and I also got my seller plus eligibility again but my gigs that disappeared from search results have not come back yet. Gigs only appear with the online filter. Does any one have an idea about this issue or had a similar situation so that I can get my answers to these issues. That how much time does gig takes to re-appear on the search results after getting promoted gigs option back after deranking? and one more issue that I am facing is that while I have the promoted option on for the gigs the promoted word highlighted in green which usually is there on the bottom of the gig is not appearing anymore? Does anyone have idea about this issue as well? Is this some sort of fiverr update or is there any issue with the promotion option?
  9. Hello, I am getting good amount of impressions and clicks through promoted gigs feature and also fair impression to click ratio but no one contacted me yet. It's been a while I turned on this feature. I am a Level One Seller and got all 5 star reviews. Could anyone provide me some input regarding my Gig if something is not right? My Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/henscheldayam/compose-original-song-with-vocals-for-you I am aware of the Gig title in the above link not matching with my Gig title. But this happened in the beginning and I couldn't change it. However my services include song production too and so far everything is fine with this. Thank you for your time. Regards, Henschel Dayam
  10. Hello guys, My gig has over 180 positive reviews and it was ranked into the first page and first line. Suddenly yesterday my gig rank fall. And it's not even visible into the first 20 pages of the search results. It never happend to me before. I'm worried about what happen suddenly. My gig has over 20k impressions in last 15 days with the avg of 800+ impressions a day. And today i got only 100 impressions and i think it'll go down more. Do you guys have any idea why this happen and how i can recover it! NB: On of my another gig was also in the first page and 2nd line. That was also fall and showing into the last page of the search result, where those gigs has no reviews but i have over 50 reviews on that gig! Even all of my gig is not promotable. It was performing promoted gig properly before the gig ranked. But after the rank fall i see All of the gig showing "Not Promotable" and "This Gig will start promoting once it’s back to being promotable." Image attached. Please help me guys 🥺
  11. I have used promote gig option past 1.5 years. But I see new things on Fiverr. After reaching 1400 feedback, I work with a few clients, so I have only a $25 order running in this new month, but every time my average running order is $700+ when the new month starts. But this time, I had only $25. I checked my gig promoted charges of $90. I have no $ available, and then I see Fiverr load $90 by themself, so I don't get why Fiverr loads the $80 on my account😅 but when the new order was completed, they took all the $ automatically and no withdraw option. I was worried about what was happening😓 . after completing the $90 order, I had $10 available for withdrawal 😅 and I relaxed. It was a new experience. So guys, do you have experienced the same things before?? Let me know.
  12. I have used promote gig option past 1.5 years. But I see new things on Fiverr. After reaching 1400 feedback, I work with a few clients, so I have only a $25 order running in this new month, but every time my average running order is $700+ when the new month starts. But this time, I had only $25. I checked my gig promoted charges of $90. I have no $ available, and then I see Fiverr load $90 by themself, so I don't get why Fiverr loads the $80 on my account😅 but when the new order was completed, they took all the $ automatically and no withdraw option. I was worried about what was happening😓 . after completing the $90 order, I had $10 available for withdrawal 😅 and I relaxed.
  13. Hello there, I had a gig that available promoting. But recently I change my gig category and now it says ( Not promotable (Ineligible) ). Do you know how we can bring it back for promote? If I contact customer support will they help? Thank you for your time, 🙇‍♂️ Sandeepa.
  14. Hi, I am a level 2 seller. I am facing a big issue and I don't understand what to do about the problem. => My gig was ranked on the 1st page. Suddenly it disappears. After 1 month it again came on the 1st page now after 10-15 days it vanished again. I don't understand the fact, Also my promoted gig showed unqualified when the gig disappear and again turn on when the gig ranked. Any suggestion or tips? Thanks in Advance................
  15. Can we promote our fiverr account and share our gigs here or not?
  16. Hey everyone, So I was using this feature called Promoted Gigs for a week, and for some reason it doesn't seem to work really well, even though I tried different strategies. I have watched a webinar on how to use this feature and read a bunch of @frank_d posts on how to use it (so I think I got it pretty well) For some reason the only outcome of this feature is 2 impressions per day, no clicks, and no money spent (the category of the gig is very popular) What I have tried so far: Editing the gig Trying out different bids and daily budget (currently on max bid of 3$ and recommended daily budget) Turning the promotion on and off The gig category is popular, my gig is on the first page, and I don't seem to be on any kind of black list or something like that. Don't wanna annoy the support if that's just a trifle, so maybe anyone has dealt with this kind of stuff? Maybe you have heard about it? Any advice would be great to hear.
  17. Did anyone face this issue? It Fiverr promoted gigs, I was feeling lucky to have it and I was right for 1 month when I was getting orders from promoted gigs and my organic ranking but things changed after a month when the promoted gigs get unqualified. I didn't think that these promoted gigs also remove your organic rank, my gig was at top of page 1 but as soon the promoted gigs get unqualified it just ended my freelance career on Fiverr. The below screenshot shows that when the ads get qualified the stats rise whether you turn them on or not. It means that promoted gigs totally kill my organic reach and didn't let it rank again if it's unqualified. Help would be much appreaciated. Thanks
  18. Hi there, I want to ask question regarding to promoted gig. The CPC (Cost-per-click) is going to increase day by day. $0.3 increases on every day. What should I do?
  19. Hi. I want to ask that in my Promoted Gigs section i am unable to see my GIGs which i need to promote. Can anyone help in this regard?
  20. Hey, I hope you are doing GOOD. But, I'm upset as I lost again "Promoted Gig" ad option from my Gigs. I was having 4-6 Orders per day. All of my gigs were on front page and now all are on last page... Spending Order less life.. About myself: I'm level 2 seller and completed 1400+ Orders with 900+ Reviews.
  21. Can some one tell, is promoted gig option good, if good what is the best bid we should place?
  22. Need to Change Gig for promoted! But No option for that, Also I faced a problem, like that " Not promotable (Ineligible) ". What can I do in this situation?
  23. Promoted Gigs ( gig unqualifie and gigs deranked). Is there anyone know any solution ??
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