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  1. Precisely my points. People buy reviews. It's none of our business. We should focus on us.
  2. That's like selling smoke. And the saddest part is the people who buy it are somewhat desperate.
  3. They're reviewing the message. There's no warning yet. If you receive one unfairly, you can always contact CS.
  4. Help yourself first and stop selling in a site when you don't even know the rules 🤭
  5. "No England speaking", surely. "Honestly"? If that's honest then I'm Dua Lipa...
  6. I also do that a lot because of the nature of my work and 80% of them left reviews. The ones who didn't tend to be those whose orders marked as completed automatically. I would recommend not asking directly for reviews when delivering because Fiverr notifies them enough times. Also it could happen some buyers are not satisfied and won't tell you until you see a less than 5 stars review. My first buyer seemed satisfied in the comment he left but he still rated 4 stars...
  7. Hello! I created a gig, and uploaded the thumbnail and video, but I published accidentally. Thing is, I didn't want to publish the Gig without the video, and I know I have to wait for the video to be reviewed in order to publish it. So I paused it. Now, 2 weeks have passed and the video is still under review by Fiverr's Trust and Safety Team. Does it takes that long or is it because it coincided with the holidays? I remember when I uploaded my book trailer gig video, it didn't even take a week to have it approved. Now I'm worried I've done something wrong pausing it. If you know why I'm having this issue, please share your answers. Thank you in advance!
  8. The quantity of people that outed themselves like this in the forum is stupidly high. It's hilarious.
  9. Well for me the only time someone paid anything different from my prices they went higher. I know we're discussing bargaining but I would like to give an insight about why we should always stick to our prices rather than anything else. He paid 40$ for a package that was 15$, even though I explained 15$ was more than enough for what he wanted. I didn't know what to do. I ended up giving him two versions of the video and a promotional image. Thing is, I think the buyer got a sense of entitlement because he doubled the price. He wanted faster than lightning work, I delivered a version earlier than the delivery date and had some troubles delivering the second one because of my browser and he didn't understand (no reason to be so pushy, I was delivering earlier than expected). He left a 3.7 stars review. The whole ordeal was unbelievable for me. I was relatively new. Moral of this story for me would be, higher prices for the exact same service you offer at a lower price point also mean the buyer would be more demanding... And sometimes you don't want to risk a negative review just for the extra money.
  10. Oh, so that what she meant with "feminising a man"? Oh, boy...
  11. If I'm not mistaken, response time at 0 hours means you don't even take an hour to respond the first message you receive from a buyer on average. But yes, you're not fluent in English. I struggled to understand your 2-3 posts on this thread. Poor potential buyers.
  12. Posting this here just to see how you "feminise" a man through a conversation...
  13. It's obvious. Only your direct clients should be added. Not because you're a member of a website or they gave you badges it means you worked with them. The people doing it are wrong and most likely will receive a warning sooner or later. Common sense!
  14. Well, you did tell CS gave you a refund and they answered. As everyone here explained, that's as far as they can go. You DID receive a response, you can't be mad just because it's not the response you expected or wanted. CS plays by the rules of the ToS. They can't please every and each customer that comes asking for whatever they want, nor they can solve something out of their range of action. They don't expect sellers to do it either. Read the ToS and you will know why Fiverr can't and won't force a seller to work again with you or to deliver anything. Also, why would you want to pay to the very seller who is extorting you AND messed with your website, to fix the website? That's nonsensical. He will extort you again. Not a good look if you want to report the seller. If you report the extortion to CS now, they will probably give you a warning too for trying to pay to the extortionist.
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