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  1. Send him a custom offer. If he declines, don’t make anything else for him. He is being sneaky offering you a tip for more work, because there is no contractual obligations in a tip, it’s something people give if they feel like it, plus what’s stopping him from asking more revisions if there isn’t anything stating how much revisions will be made?. A custom order instead, is an actual contract. If he starts to blackmail you or anything like that, you can block him and report him (asking for work out of the scope for free is against ToS, as far as I remember).
  2. There’s no need to be always online. Fiverr has buyers from all around the world who contact you even while you’re sleeping. What is important is to answer the first message a buyer sends you as quick as possible (aka the response time) 7 poorly made gigs make the same thing as 2 well made. Maybe you can attract more customers, but if they don’t want to buy any of the gigs, does it makes a difference?
  3. Had one like this. I was delivering on time and just because he wanted the deliver immediately (which I couldn’t do because it was too late in the night in my country) he started to be pushy and was hurrying me. To make things worse I had a problem in which Chrome would crash everytime I was just about to send the delivery 🥴 The “I have a lot of well paid works for you to do, just do this one a lot cheaper and you will be able to work with me and make a living of it” buyer. Spoiler: it’s never true, they just want to appear like they would be a loyal customer, but they maybe don’t even have more work and just want to underpay you. Thank you for this post, specially for newbies around here who can be bamboozled by any of these tactics these scammers make.
  4. Thanks! I will do my best in order to raise my prices. The thing with Fiverr for me is that thankfully is not my main source of income, so I can be more relaxed and keep enjoying work, and don’t have to force anything. I strive to always keep it like that, plus earning money in the process ✨
  5. I don’t think I missed an opportunity, I rather think I saved trouble. It’s so hard to please someone who doesn’t even know nor cares to understand what they want or need. I had a similar previous experience (in my topic named Buyer wasn’t satisfied with final delivery) which thankfully didn’t left me a negative review, however it left me seriously wondering about my communication skills. That buyer thought I was inside his mind and didn’t bother to tell me to do the work the way he wanted it. I had a feeling this buyer would be similar 😕
  6. Qué tal pana :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4: I think this wasn’t the case. I specify in my gig that I also speak Spanish. Some people start right off the bat talking Spanish to me, something very appreciated. Sometimes I struggle finding the correct words to explain something when speaking English. It can become bothersome when you need to have a fluent communication with your buyer 😕
  7. And I’m even flexible enough to make almost everything they need done for their book trailer just by asking them info about their book and characters, by a very low price! Even knowing that, they can’t provide me with a vision? Telling me what their book is about, how would they transform the mood of it into an audiovisual experience? Glad I’m not the only one. Sometimes is tricky getting into those kind of projects. You think you can handle it because you trust in your creativity, however buyer throws everything you show them in the trash. Not an ideal experience, nor a safe space for a seller to be.
  8. We gotta rate and review buyers in the end and in public. I don’t think @moonstaredits shared any personal info about the client or the project. Sounds like something that will get your account banned. How long since we saw the lady who mistakenly clicked a zoom link? The guy demanded nudes, and when declined, he reported her to CS for contact outside 5r. She lost her account. Edit: Also, just because I picked the typo in their very first message doesn’t mean they didn’t misspell ‘before’ as bel. Xx I didn’t. I even omitted the pictures they sent me. I may have done a little bit of nit-picking here, maybe overreacting, but when something seems off, is better to trust your intuition.
  9. I should have clarified that the problem for me is not the grammar itself. I’ve had buyers who weren’t perfect at English. How come I’m going to be criticizing that, when I’m a self-taught english speaker? The problem for me is that It’s suspicious they set their location on USA and yet commit grammar mistakes in such basic words, it is a red flag because they may be lying about their location, just to appear something they’re not… In few words, a scammer trying to pose as someone from a developed country. It may be petty of me, nonetheless. That’s what made my alarms ring. It’s really fishy.
  10. Your points are exactly my thoughts and the red flags I also detected. I’m not in a position to risk an unsatisfied customer (I’m currently 4.5 stars in that gig thanks to similar buyers who were picky and indecisive).
  11. That’s exactly my mindset too. 4$ sometimes is not worth our time
  12. I provide a lot of things, however buyer needs to at least have a vision in mind about what they want or like. It seemed like they didn’t
  13. That’s what I normally do. I was really busy at the moment and the next day I won’t be home for half of the day, that’s why I told them I would send samples in Tuesday. I can work from scratch only with the information I ask for in the gig requirements. The problem here is that I was busy at the moment. Plus they aren’t even sure about what they want… Makes me wonder what the experience was going to be, maybe they would ask for a lot of revisions… Glad I turned it out.
  14. That’s what I thought. I’m not sharing the conversation because I want to report something. It’s just an interesting topic, because I was weirded out.
  15. Hello! I had some buyer talk about wanting me to work with me. The profile said they were from USA yet their English grammar was weird. Take a look Screenshot_2021-03-30-09-02-38-632_com.fiverr.fiverr~3720×1268 107 KB Screenshot_2021-03-30-09-02-44-976_com.fiverr.fiverr~2686×1290 149 KB Screenshot_2021-03-30-09-02-53-082_com.fiverr.fiverr~2720×1257 176 KB Screenshot_2021-03-30-09-03-02-297_com.fiverr.fiverr~2720×1284 158 KB Screenshot_2021-03-30-09-03-51-475_com.fiverr.fiverr~2715×1277 172 KB Screenshot_2021-03-30-09-03-57-103_com.fiverr.fiverr~2720×1440 168 KBI think is very weird they mentioned about the late order. Also I didn’t like how they let me know that they need it fast. I think I just dodged a bullet. They didn’t even knew what they wanted, yet they wanted it fast… What do you think?
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