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  1. You should learn the art of negotiation and persuasion. It helps. Top on the list on the art of persuasion is communication. You must learn to read/listen to understand. Different clients want different things even if it is the same niche. Knowing exactly what the client wants and communicating that to them will help you get them. Keep a couple of samples handy. A portfolio that stands out will do most of the convincing
  2. COVID didn't give us much room to choose, and perhaps your government is reacting the same way. If we look at the options, getting vaccinated seems a safer option, even if it has it's own problems and that's why they are passive-aggressively pushing for it.
  3. Send him the last revised work. That should prompt him to take action and give an actual revision or risk having the delievery auto completed in three days.
  4. I don't think so. 4.8 is still a very high rating and it still falls under Fiverr's benchmark. Once you can complete more 5 stars jobs, it will bounce back.
  5. Is this like a status or what? What do you write on your own feed?

  6. Why does she have to delete all gigs to create new ones? What has that got to do with not selling? How will it help?
  7. No. I prefer project based jobs. Hourly jobs feel too much like micro management
  8. C o v i d fever? Let's try boiling water!
  9. Congratulations first. I'd suggest beer with your friends and a virtual party with us . As long as the drinks isn't virtual.😀
  10. Change three more words, lmao🤣 What does it really take for people to do things right???
  11. You didn't come to mince words. This is harsh though.
  12. Nice story. Fiverr helped me alot during the pandemic and lockdown as well. It really kept me going. You will
  13. I have read about this somewhere on the forum. The OP was from India. It turned out they get a certain tax % deducted from their earnings or something like that. Can you check if this applies to you or sellers from your country?
  14. It will only auto complete if he doesn't open another dispute.
  15. This country here (circled in red) - Kyrgyzstan, i had to google it when i had the order. I'd never heard of it. Guess who dominates Kyrgyzstan now????😇😇🤑
  16. Contact Customer Support before he does. If he contacts them, they may cancel the order from their end without notifying you. People have complained about that on this platform before.
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