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Found 11 results

  1. Hello! I few weeks ago I worked with a reseller. Not the greatest experience, to say it politely. When I was working with him I did try to cancel the order because we had a few inconvenients, and I didn't want that experience to become worse. However he refused the cancellation and accepted my work, saying I did need to get paid. My funds have cleared, everything's okay regarding payment and no sketchy refund tactics happened. However... I found out the reseller uses my work with very few relevant changes. What's more, he watermarked it as his. I can't exactly post my video and his video here for obvious reasons. This guy just changed some scenes and added some others, and text. Not long ago Fiverr added a rule which stated that reselling without modifications was not allowed. Would this be considered a significant modification or not? What can I do about the money that was already cleared?
  2. Yesterday fiverr said that I have withdrawn $1710 however I did not withdraw that much amount but withdrew $1300 instead, and now today my withdraw amount is larger than my net income, this clearly shows that the amount is shown higher than what I actually withdrew, the problem is that where did my funds go?? I only withdrew $1300, where are the rest $400? I contacted cs and they said that my funds are not missing, I summed up all my orders and the net income is correct, has anyone faced a similar issue?
  3. HI, I am having some issues as a seller, and wondering if someone same before. I have an account as a seller for many years with Fiverr, and this is the first time I see this happening on my account on many of my orders. Technically on the Earning page where we see orders being cleared / cleared, many of them did not clear properly and funds are missing on them. I checked many of my recent orders that already cleared before and I just noticed that some of them did not clear properly and have funds missing. We usually get 80% from the amount shown on the order pages, but the funds missing are more like 70% missing and not just the 20% Fivver commission takes. I opened a ticket many days ago with them, and they all saying there is no mistake and my funds are correct, they keep asking for screenshots which I do, and still no resolve, I get agent after agent without resolving this and my funds are missing, a lot of it! Can you please advise if you had this issue before as a seller and how to fix it asap? Thank you
  4. I feel there is something wrong with my earning page. From few days ago I felt there is something happened with my available funds and income amount of this month. Has anyone faced this issue?🤔
  5. Hello, please I want to ask a question, my Fiverr seller Account got disabled because I took my portfolio from internet to showcase my work and I have pending fund in the account which it’s not cleared before the account get disabled. My question is, can I still be able to withdraw the fund after 90 days?
  6. So I completed an order and earned $100. Usually, it immediately goes to "pending clearence" but this time it's not there. I read that sometimes it takes a couple of hours to show up. But it's been 24hs and nothing has happened. Should I keep waiting or what should I do?
  7. I don't know if this is the best way to explain this or even get some help. It has been 24 hrs and I haven't received a response from customer support team. Yesterday I used Fiverr's early payout option to get my payments earlier but the funds didn't reflect on my balance. It happened on two orders that were clearing. Now the two orders records cannot be seen on the earnings page. They're not pending clearance nor cleared. They just disappeared. This is the first time I've experienced this so I really don't know how to go about it. Anyone who has ever been in this situation before? And how did you solve it?
  8. Every human being has the ability to earn income for a certain period of time. With time or age it tends to get ras. At one stage of a hectic career, people spend all their earnings to meet their needs. Then he doesn't think he will ever grow old. But as he got older, he realized that he had spent all his life earning what he had earned and that he needed to make some savings. But if this possibility is present in his career in the organization, then the task becomes much easier. At one point in his career, even after his time was up, he took a break from his career and saw that he had saved a large sum of money, and that he could use that time to spend the rest of his life. In the same way a small portion of the earnings of the organization we are working for would be very beneficial if we could get it at the end of the day as savings. I'm drawing the attention of the fiverr community to take a look at this issue. Maybe many sellers will benefit from it. ❤️❤️❤️
  9. I have mistakenly withdraw funds to email address not valid on PayPal and now I'm not able to access the funds. Is there a possibility of fund reversal from PayPal to fiverr?
  10. Hi, please am having issues withdrawing some funds through Paypal. Anytime I click on withdraw button, it tells me that 'withdrawal was not completed. Please try again or contact customer support for more details. Thank you
  11. Hello, Please I www supposed to receive a mail to withdraw my available fund after 90 days of account disablement and Now it as passed 90 days and I haven't gotten a mail to withdraw my fund Please what can I do?
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