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Found 22 results

  1. Hello everyone. I used a wrong payout method for my earnings. I used the bank transfer method but I just remembered that the bank that I used to use is now gone and disabled so I may have sent the money to nothing. Is there any way I can get it back as it is a big amount and just send it to my PayPal instead?
  2. Hello everyone. I used a wrong payout method for my earnings. I used the bank transfer method but I just remembered that the bank that I used to use is now gone and disabled so I may have sent the money to nothing. Is there any way I can get it back as it is a big amount and just send it to my PayPal instead?
  3. HI, I am having some issues as a seller, and wondering if someone same before. I have an account as a seller for many years with Fiverr, and this is the first time I see this happening on my account on many of my orders. Technically on the Earning page where we see orders being cleared / cleared, many of them did not clear properly and funds are missing on them. I checked many of my recent orders that already cleared before and I just noticed that some of them did not clear properly and have funds missing. We usually get 80% from the amount shown on the order pages, but the funds missing are more like 70% missing and not just the 20% Fivver commission takes. I opened a ticket many days ago with them, and they all saying there is no mistake and my funds are correct, they keep asking for screenshots which I do, and still no resolve, I get agent after agent without resolving this and my funds are missing, a lot of it! Can you please advise if you had this issue before as a seller and how to fix it asap? Thank you
  4. My December Earned amount is showing very less. But I have earned more than that...what is the reason? 🤔
  5. Hi i have widrawals many times using fiverr web, but when i click on fiverr application it says Heads to desktop to make your first widrawal. Any one help me out!
  6. How can I update my bank payment for withdraw? Has anyone does this? I can't find the means of changing my payoneer, and it clearly state that I can deactivate my payoneer account for withdrawal. Is there any issue has to ever using the old payoneer account you signed-out, if you want to use it back?
  7. Today I realized that I almost on Fiverr about a year and used Fiverr as my side income. I started with 5$ gig , when there is the right time (with some reviews), I increase my price. Now my earning is about 300$+ since I started as the Fiverr's seller. I am not afraid to charge more because the service is depends on my credibility and my precious time. I am hoping to become the 1st Level Seller and reach Top Rated Seller in the future. Best of luck, Atin
  8. Hello all, Why are the guys at Fiverr all of a sudden decided to sell out their loyal assets which is us SELLERS! As of last june i should have been promoted to top rated seller, i meet all requirments and more. Instead here is what am facing now - early payout removed - all promoted gigs which been on for past 2 years are suddenly ineligible - advace pay which i used a couple of times and each paid back within same month now removed - buyer briefs not a single notification for the past 3 months, not one! Why? Is this the thank you i get for the hard work done This is very disappointing to say the least.
  9. A trick many retailers use, which we as Fiverr sellers can utilize too, is "decoy pricing." What is that, you ask? It's the practice of introducing a higher-priced top-tier package to make your mid-tier one seem more reasonable. Here's an example: Suppose you want to sell a package for 100USD, which is your most expensive package. Fewer people will order it because the package next to it costs less. But if you introduce a top-tier package for 500 dollars and charge 100USD for the mid-tier, it makes it appear more affordable. It's still the same deal. But it looks more appealing. Clients are more likely to choose the mid-tier package if you make it seem like a great deal. By pricing your mid-tier at the rate you'd like to earn per order and adding a more expensive top-tier package, you'll sell more of the mid-tier one. Studies have backed this up. So if you want to make a higher-priced package appear as the best option, put an even more expensive package next to it.
  10. I Need help regarding Tax filing and what you guys are doing in the case if you are earning more than 20 lakh rupees in a financial year What is the right thing to do ? do we have to register for GSt or we can get the AUDIT done by CA ? Please help
  11. I don't know if this is the best way to explain this or even get some help. It has been 24 hrs and I haven't received a response from customer support team. Yesterday I used Fiverr's early payout option to get my payments earlier but the funds didn't reflect on my balance. It happened on two orders that were clearing. Now the two orders records cannot be seen on the earnings page. They're not pending clearance nor cleared. They just disappeared. This is the first time I've experienced this so I really don't know how to go about it. Anyone who has ever been in this situation before? And how did you solve it?
  12. Is there anyone who can help me know what am I missing here? From the analytics page my net earning shows I've earned $2011.99, but the earnings needed to achieve level 2 that progress bar is showing I've earned all time 1855.99 and need still 145$ more to hit 2000$ milestone [PICTURE ATTACHED]. As far as i know they count the whole net income not the earning after fiverrs 20% charge, what's wrong here? Anyone? thanks!
  13. Hi!A customer paid my first earning some weeks ago, and today it should be the day my pending clearance go available. But it keeps showing me $0 available for withdrawal. If I enter into the my pending clearance, I can see the money I should withdraw with the date of today (Jan 09, 22), but I can’t withdraw it. Please can somebody explain to me?Thanks!
  14. Hi to everyone, I received a refund from a canceled order and it is already visible on my Fiverr balance, I want to spend this money on my PayPal account, but the dashboard does not show me the balance to be able to withdraw it is a matter of time or other steps need to be taken ? Thanks in advance for your answers
  15. Hey, So far my Fiverr journey went really good (wohoo!) however, I'm not sure how to declare my income from Fiverr. 😕 My company is based in EU and for my other clients, I just sent monthly invoices. Now, with Fiverr being a marketplace based in Israel, *I think* when it comes to VAT, they are taking care of it and nothing we should do on our side. My questions is how do you declare the income made through Fiverr? Do you create monthly invoices to Fiverr to have them registered in your bookkeeping or do you wait for the statement of earnings they provide once a year? Thank youuuu! 🤗
  16. Recently I completed my 3rd order with a 5* review. It was a flyer design work for a car rental service.
  17. Hello everyone, today i was withdrawal my earnings but i am unable to withdrawal it. It is showing me error. Kindly give me the solution. I would be thankful to everyone.
  18. I guess it's because I live in Europe, although my country doesn't use the Euro. I wasn't given a choice of which currency to withdraw funds in. Anyone have any ideas on what I should do? Should I submit a ticket for this?
  19. For those who have used PayPal as their withdrawal method, did you put in your PayPal Password? Or is it just your PayPal email then Fiverr will immediately put in your earnings in your PayPal account? Just wondering if you need your PayPal password when withdrawing your money.
  20. Hello Everyone, I started freelancing on fiverr on 28 June and completed my first month on fiverr with 7 orders and $107 earnings. It's a very pleasant feeling. Really happy to work on Fiverr Thank you everyone
  21. I find it unable to withdraw my last 16 dollars into paypal account. Tried it several times, but every time ended up failed. Help me to get through this.
  22. Hello guys, I added a Payoneer to my fiverr account, and I got an email from my Payoneer that I can receive funds from fiverr. But I tried withdrawing funds today into the Payoneer and the button is unavailable, it says waiting for issuer approval. Can anyone help?
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