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  1. Sorry, i didnt get you what you mean by "its some affect your gig ranking"?
  2. hI! Hope everyone is safe and good. Will editing my gig affect my rankings? I had made gig previously and i started improving my services for my customers and forgot to improve gig description etc which is affecting my conversion. Should i change gig's description ? will it affect my gig's ranking?
  3. I have tried to communicate with him but he is unresponsive. No response at all. Will the order her automatically completed after I reject the dispute?
  4. Hello hope you're all well and good. I have completed an order on Fiverr. For a client, he wanted it in 24 hours. So I delivered in 24 hours and then he didn't respond for two days. And when he came back he opened a dispute on the order, requesting cancellation, but I had already delivered the work. So I declined the dispute and asked him to clearly tell me why you're cancelling now. But he's unresponsive and it has been two days. The order shows as delivered but it isn't getting status of "automatically completed by Fiverr". It just shows delivered. Any suggestions what should I do ?
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