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  1. If you find something irrelevant to your services click Not Interested See more details about briefs- https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/4415601609361-Get-matched-with-buyers
  2. I tried to make him chat within fiverr inbox but he needs an zoom call. I think he's not comfortable with writing text messages.
  3. Hi dear members, I just got a buyer who is asking for zoom meeting. As far as i know, only selected buyers are allowed for zoom meeting upon seller invitations. Even i don't see any video call icon in this conversation. What should i do now? Can anyone help me? Best regards, Nasim
  4. Thanks for your Advise & I'll definitely look again to do the next update! But you've missed the important part where i said, In the past i used to get 1 order for 22 clicks in average. If i can get 1 order for 22 clicks from the fiverr search engine, shouldn't i deserve at least 1 order from those 49 clicks? (fiverr says that, promoted gigs are displayed in prime locations/ in front of potential buyers). Then where's the result?
  5. Thanks for correcting me, This is the first time i've been demoted & that's why i didn't have a clear Idea! I'm not planning to lower my gig price than my average price. I just want to offer a little lighter services than my current packages with a new lower price. If i do this, i think i can get buyers who expect less than my current Buyers. It'll help me met & exceed their expectation, which can be called a great work! In the meantime- I'll keep myself upgrading & do next gig upgrade once i'm fully confident. Do you think it's a good Idea?
  6. Hi dear senior sellers, I've been in fiverr for more than 2 years. Achieved a lot of stuffs in my career which weren't possible except fiverr. As we all know that, fiverr constantly change it's algorithm to give the best user experience & I really appreciate this. If you already read the topic about fiverr 3.0 by frank_d then you know that "Ranking is no more". Let's jump to the point- Due to some personal reason, last month my performance was down & I've been demoted to a level 1 seller. And I've to be stay as a level 1 seller for 120 days to get promoted to level 2 again. After the level demotion all of my gigs thrown back from their organic search ranking. I tried updating my gig title, description, pricing, timeline etc & found nothing helpful. Promoting 1 of my gig for more than 1 month- got 49 clicks but no orders. In the past i used to get 1 order for 22 clicks in average (Check the attachment). In this case do you think that promoted gig feature worth a sellers investments? So, here i'm considering this- as an affect of my level demotion for both my organic & promoted gig rankings. I just want my sales back! Can anyone help me? I know gig positions aren't guaranteed, it depends on various matrics. What should i do to get my sales back? Should i update my gig again & again? (I'm trying to improve my professional skills) Should i lower my gig pricing with smaller packages? Is there any benefits of pricing gigs according to average selling price to rank higher in search? Let's say my average selling price- Gigs ($110) / Custom Offers ($76). What price range should i set for my gig packages? I look forward to hearing from you experts! Thanks in advance, Nasim
  7. hey I got the same issue after my promoted gig And now i am happy to see that your gigs are back what was the solution can you please tell me ?


    1. abunasim390



      there's nothing we can do. Eligibility depends on various metrics.

      All you need to know about promoted gig feature is here- https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360017729338-Promoted-Gigs?segment=seller

  8. Search for “gig lost rank” on the forum. You’ll find there’s already many topics about this. Fiverr’s gig position are not guaranteed!
  9. Fiverr charges minimum 2$ for every payment. If you have any future work for that seller you want to give a tip you may add that amount on your next order to save the 2$
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