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  1. Hi, Thanks for your guidance. It is helpful for me. Because i am facing same problem and i was disheart. I was going to close my account. But now i’ll wait for a month. Thanks
  2. How we can overcome this problem? This is probably fiverr algorithm bug and we are losing our sales.
  3. Gig was not in search results and i realized something is wrong then after i updated it.
  4. Thanks for the link. Status is active but doesn’t appear in search results.
  5. Yes, i tried it. But it s not working. Fiverr CS are not replying.
  6. Hi Folks, I am stuck in a issue, please share your knowledge. My GIGs were on the first page for 20 days and i was getting orders daily, delivering the orders daily and getting the 5 start reviews on daily basis. But suddenly my gigs are invisible. GIGs are not even on 20th page. I updated the gig’s description and title but gigs are still invisible. Please share your knowledge what is wrong, why fiverr doing this? How updated algorithm is working. Thanks
  7. Hi, I convinced the buyer to accept the delivery and he left 4.7 starts. Thanks to all for opinions.
  8. Buyer left the 4.7 rating and now he wants to cancel the order. But i don’t want to cancel as i delivered the final work.
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