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  1. I'm Canadian and finding Fiverr confusing because sometimes prices are listed in US dollars and sometimes in Canadian dollars. For example, I just got a custom offer with the price the client wants to pay listed in Canadian dollars, but when I make an offer, it needs to be in US dollars. Is there a way to just have everything listed in US dollars?
  2. Thank you, but how do I find the ticket so that I can add details to it?
  3. Yes, I did not resolve the dispute within the two day time limit because I did not realize there was a time limit, I did not realize I needed to dispute it, and I thought that my client had already started the disputation process and so I didn't need to do anything further. There is no option to dispute this in the Resolution Center. What can I do now?
  4. I have gone to the dispute resolution center, but there is no option to dispute. It just says the order was cancelled. There is a note saying However, I did not receive any notifications or email about this and was not asked to respond. Is there any way to reopen this?
  5. I had an order from a buyer. I delivered the requested item, and the buyer seemed happy with it. However, I had specified two milestones for it and the buyer decided they only wanted the first milestone and did not want to continue to the second. I had not started work on the second at that point. Anyhow, the client then decided to cancel the order so they wouldn't be charged for the second milestone. The order now seems to be cancelled and I did not receive a payment. What can I do? Both the client and I agreed to the payment and I completed the work on the first milestone. Is there a way to uncancel this order?
  6. In the future, if I do tutoring again, is there another way to go about it? Using the use the orders system to do this seems awkward. How do most sellers go about doing a tutoring session on Fiverr?
  7. I've been using Fiverr to do some orders for clients over the past two months. Today I just tried my first tutoring session. I scheduled it on Fiverr and conducted it over zoom. I think my client was happy, but the order is still listed as in progress. I cannot find any information about how tutoring is supposed to be set up on Fiverr or how to bill for it. Did I do something wrong, and if so, how should I set up tutoring sesions in the future?
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