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  1. Does not this looks obvious that this is same seller whom I have chat with? This seller blocked me within a few message tells it is his/her second or other seller profile. Is not this obvious that these are same sellers who are creating and having multiple seller profiles without being noticed or even no actions are taken by Fiverr? I hardly asked the seller to provide some sample works and he/she just blocked me. Which means this seller knows me already without first contact. Thanks to fiverr's ignorance! I am leaving this platform once I get my refund (if it ever happens as they promise)...
  2. Why would I have another conversation with an racist?
  3. Knowing that racist guy is active on the platform and earning money even after such brutal act, is what bothers me more.
  4. I did but I don't know if they are taking it seriously at all
  5. Just a few days back I asked a seller to share some previous and sample work if available and I received a very strange and unprofessional response from him. He replied "I know Indians very well they take example and go away and use sample on their YouTube channels but don’t worry if you use my video any single video on your channel, you will get a copyright strike in an hour". Which obviously means that he is accusing Indians as thieves. My concern is, does Fiverr take this kind of racist remarks any serious?
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