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  1. Hello everyone, How are you? I have a question. Do I use Google hangouts for meeting with clients in fiverr. If buyer want's to use Google Hangout to meeting. If anyone know please answer me. Thanks.
  2. Hello experts, How are you? I see my gig promote option suddenly show me "Not promotable (Unqualified) " and my gig goes to the last page. I want to know why this thing happens and why my gig promote option is stopped. That’s why my impression is going down and clicks are 3,5,6 per day where I had 50-70-90 clicks some days ago. I want to solve this problem ASAP. Can anyone please tell me why this thing happens and why my gig promote option is stopped? Looking for best and valuable answer Regards, Shahab
  3. Hello there, How are you? I am looking for deposit money on Fiverr but can’t find any credit card option to add money. Now my question is how can I add money from the credit card on fiverr. Thanks, Shahab
  4. Hello there, I have a question about Fiverr gigs. I have a gig, it’s rank in 2/3 pages or sometimes No. 1 pages. But I didn’t get any sell on that. I think I need to improve my gig. So I want to know that Should I edit my gig? and when I edit? Thanks, Shahab
  5. Hello There, I am facing a big issue in Fiverr. My order completion rate is automatically down. For this Fiverr bug, I lost my Level. It’s being down automatically without cancellation. If anyone knows about this please help me. Thanks, Shahab
  6. I did it but get no solution, anything more?
  7. Hello, I am a professional seller in Fiverr. A few days ago My gig is on the first page, But recently I realize that my gig impression + clicks are down. I need to know why? My sales down after I get the level one seller. I need to know how to I get more selles in Fiverr? Thanks. Shahab
  8. Hello there, Recently I see the Promote option in other sellar profiles. But I didn’t get this option. When I get this? Thanks Shahab
  9. Hello there, I am a web developer at Fiverr. successfully I complete 17 orders with 5 star. But recent 9 days I didn’t get any order. I want to know why my sells are down. Thanks Shahabislam
  10. Finally, I got a level one badge. I am really happy. It’s my starting goal and wants to be achive Top-rated seller badge. Thanks, Fiverr to give me This badge
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