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  1. https://profile.freepik.com/payment/getstarted/ Jesus Christ, @jonbaas … It really mindboggles me how you just try to prove yourself right time after time. I would simply apologize for the misunderstanding, as you clearly missed the shot here.
  2. I do not have to attribute. I am not using image(s) for free. I paid for them. Note I didn’t say you should. I didn’t assume a thing, unlike others 🙂 On-topic, though: as good as stock footage looks in paper, it does add to a sense of “non-originality”. I always try to illustrate with personal elements. Either myself, my studio… something that adds a personal touch to the image. I think that in a site where you do not only sell a service but yourself as a seller, it’s important to add a personal touch from the first time you impact a potential buyer.
  3. That was a bold statement, and unfortunate to say the least. The images are “Free for commercial use with attribution”, from Luis Molinero, downloadable @ Freepik. You could only complain about the OP not attributing. But stealing… Yeah, bold.
  4. Thank you for your post, Sue! It pretty much sums up my own revision policy too.
  5. I have done that a few times so yes I would. Do you ever look at your competitors gigs and think how awful they are? Ooh boy. Yes I do. Not all of them are awful, though! Q. Would you rather live somewhere else? Country-wise.
  6. Decently? I don’t think so, no. I only play the lovely instrument that is my own voice, but I guess that doesn’t count 😂 Question for the next one!
  7. Well! Here in Spain we work in this order: Get the original script.Translate the original script to your language.Adjust the translated script so that it fits the mouths of the characters.Record.Master.We have a professional translator, a professional “adjuster” (I don’t really know if that guy has a name in english), professional actors and a professional mixer. Each one is a top notch pro at his job, and that’s why things are extremely easy: you just focus on your part. As an actor, when I get to the studio, the script is perfectly translated and adjusted. I only have to get there, see the original, rehearse the take a couple of times, and record. A sound technician will take care of all the video scrubbing, recording and editing of my raw takes, so I don’t have to touch any keyboard - at all. Furthermore, the dubbing director (present at the studio - and usually the guy who did the adjustment process of the script) will aid me to get the appropriate acting. So, to make things as easier as possible, you should firstly make sure the script is properly adjusted - so that when you get to record you only have to focus on the acting & recording. It is also important that in the script you mark important reference guides that will make your life a lot easier. Breaks in the speech (marked with a “/” - eg. “My mum / left home when i was six.”Mark the sentences that start off-video (eg. “(OFF) Get back (ON) here you moron!”). That way you’ll know that you have to pay attention to the timecode or a visual reference to know you have to start there.Mark gestures and non-verbal sounds. (eg. “(G) / Get off me!”, “(BREATH) What a race.”, etc.)I’ll paste a sample script (in Spanish) I have over here for you to get an idea:
  8. Because I want to be everywhere, basically. Fiverr seemed like a nice addition to my on-line presence, so I jumped into the bandwagon. Some platforms I barely use, some mean a steady income. But I am on them all. I can be found! And that’s basic, imho 🙂
  9. Exactly my first thought 😂 On-topic, though: congrats! I just love the OP’s name. Alone4Ever. Data entry. Whaat. I just picture you all like
  10. Oh come on! Don’t list out facts like that! I much prefer the Chicken Licken style comments… Seems like everyone has the same issue with cancellation rate though. In the words of @torrelles Oh God please no 😂
  11. Oh, only if the response rate wasn’t an absolute joke… I seriously don’t know how Fiverr thinks it can add to the equation, seeing as it’s terribly unreliable. At least, that’s been my experience. Furthermore, the fact usually buyers purchse my gig without reading the description (which leads to mutual cancellation) also affects the completion rate. And well, I’m in no way responsible of buyers ordering stuff not offered in the gig, nor should it affect my rating. Just my 2 cents.
  12. It’s way too youtube-oriented/influenced. The design might work when creating a YouTube thumbnail with a <17 year old target in mind, but it certainly doesn’t help you in a platform like this one. I’d choose a more sober design, less contrast, better usage of space distribution to let the box breathe.
  13. So, here’s the deal: I sit down in my computer, set my status to “AVAILABLE NOW” and start editing the voice overs in my queue. The Fiverr page is right below the DAW, so I’m really one click away from my inbox. I receive a message, but I don’t notice the sound notification since I’m working on a sound file. Kindly check the time of the message: 14:01 (Actually 13:01) The notification in-Fiverr pops up 3 whole minutes after the message has been received. That’s past half the time I have to reply: And the e-Mail (the actual notification that made me aware of the incoming message) came in exactly when the deadline was met. Now, some observations: When set on “available now” I check from time to time the Fiverr tab.I understand we should be able to use the “available now” feature when able to respond within a few clicks. However, if there’s no actual system that notifies us promptly (other than the SFX which I don’t notice when either editing sound or listening to music), we’re screwed.If I’m supposed to stay the whole time in the Fiverr page just in case a message pops up… that’s not practical either.These are my 5 cents. Heck, I might even have received a message while writing this down! 😁 Thanks for the read! Luis
  14. Vacation mode all the way through. Did a couple of orders for returning customers who approached me via PM, but otherwise I just took it off 🙂
  15. Last July it made 1 year since I registered. It took me a couple of months to get my gigs together and start selling, but it’s been a funny ride ever since. So, without further-a-do, here are the numbers: 127 completed projects68 rated projects - Currently holding a 5 star rating2.203,78€ earnt21,71€ avg. selling priceThings started to get juicy when I reached Level 2. There’s when I noticed a big spike in orders, which I maintained until I started a full-time job (which I already quit 😂) which massively limited my time here. I expect to get back on track full-speed during September!
  16. Pretty low, as I’ll be most of it on vacation. I’m interested in seeing how much it takes me to get back on track after 20 days of “vacation mode”. If I actually recover at all. 🙂
  17. I’ve been in vacation mode until yesterday, so… 😋
  18. Applied for the Voice Over scene. Waiting until they rule it out to the category! In the meantime… :microphone2:
  19. RIP Fiverr Pro (Post must be at least 20 characters)
  20. I believe Voice Over is a category that could benefit from the Fiverr Pro model. Hope they roll it out to it soon 🙂
  21. Have you ever had a buyer posting a rather funny review? Share yours! I’ll get it started:
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