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  1. As a TRS, I am very interested and would love to be invited.
  2. Congrats! That’s super exciting. I’m in a similar position. Working full time as a voice over artist from home, sitting in my warm booth lol. Still waiting on the TRS nod from the Fiverr team, but that’s ok. It’s pretty surprising how much business you can actually drum up at Level 2. All in all, no matter what level we are, it’s pretty great to be doing this kind of work isn’t it?
  3. Absolutely! If you’re putting in the work, honing your craft and making your gigs the absolute best they can be… it’s only a matter of time. As for your question about cancellations or bad reviews: cancellations, bad reviews, rude buyers, and other unfortunate scenarios are just part of doing business and are unavoidable in the long run. While I would love to avoid these situations, you cannot control all of those variables. In the end, the best advice I have is to sell your services with grace, and if a buyer is giving you trouble, do your best to make the buyer happy. Sometimes you have to go above and beyond. If there’s a deeper issue with the buyer’s behavior, sometimes you have to contact customer service here on Fiverr (for example, if the buyer is threatening you with a bad review to bully you into doing more work) but I find those situations to be very few and far between. Also, CS is absolutely SLAMMED with requests so it may take them a long while to get back to you. I feel for them, I really do. Finally, once an order is complete or cancelled, you do have the option to block problem buyers from contacting you again. You just have to go to their profile, block them, and put the appropriate reason for doing so. I think it’s along the lines of “previous negative work experience” or something like that. I find, as hard as I try to make every order a pleasant experience for buyers, I usually end up with about one cancellation a month. Sometimes buyers don’t fully read the gig description, or there are issues where the scope of work involved doesn’t match what they ordered. Being clear when communicating with buyers can help alleviate this, but it’s not foolproof. Anyway, I’m rambling on. Happy to answer any additional questions you have. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks! In the beginning, I would only get a handful of orders each month. So, there would be a week or two where maybe I got fewer orders. But in general, I saw an increase over time in the frequency of orders. In the beginning, the Buyer Requests section really helped me gain some traction and get orders. These days, I rely primarily on organic orders that come in through my gigs. To get here, I did a LOT of research. I read lots of tutorials, watched a bunch of YouTube content related to Fiverr, took the free Fiverr Learn course about being a freelancer, and just worked my tail off to do good work on the platform. I really think it paid off.
  5. Thank you. I suggest looking at your impressions. If you’re not getting enough impressions, you should consider adjusting your titles, tags, and gig descriptions.
  6. Just wanted to write a quick note to the Fiverr community. To all the Fiverr employees, including customer support and forum members/mods, thank you. The marketplace you’ve created has truly changed my life. In October of 2019, I decided to give freelancing a try. I had zero expectations, and thought it would just be a fun way to make a little bit of extra cash to spend on audio gear for fun. I never dreamed that it would be much more than that. Fast forward to today, this is my first day as a FULL TIME freelancer on the Fiverr platform. Working on this platform allowed me to escape a career that I didn’t like, and gives me the flexibility to work from home, set my own hours, and earn MORE than I was making at my day job. All I can say is… wow. Thank you so much, Fiverr. In just over a year, the whole trajectory of my life has changed. I’m eternally grateful. Trevor
  7. Very true! I’ll second that. As a voice over artist, I’m not terribly proficient in character voices at all. In fact, I don’t even offer them on Fiverr right now. But, I’m still able to work full time on the platform. There’s plenty of commercial work, audiobooks, eLearning gigs, etc. that can take up your time in the booth.
  8. Definitely an interesting take. While I do think being a Top Rated Seller has some pretty great benefits, like being able to access your money faster, put up more gigs, etc. etc. It’s a proven fact that you don’t need to be a TRS to make the most money on the platform. I saw the earnings from November for myself, compared to some of my TRS friends, and while they normally make more than me, this month I came out on top. Rank isn’t the end all be all.
  9. I’m just chasing that serotonin, baby. Validate my existence by bobbing your head to my music. In all seriousness, it’s always been about having fun for me. I’ve been playing music since I was a kid; its a great creative outlet, stress reliever, conversation topic, you name it. Music rules.
  10. I use Reaper, and have been using it for about ten years. Some might say there’s a learning curve, but I think that’s true of any capable DAW these days. In my humble opinion, I think it’s value proposition is unmatched. $60 for a fully featured DAW that is lightweight and easy to use once you learn a few keyboard shortcuts. I’ll take that to the bank all day.
  11. Coughs. Genuinely. Was going to wait till I’d completed my studio, done some training sessions and sorted a demo before jumping in here but I really did cough at that statement. They were named after rats, “RODENT”. With the exception the NT1, their products are verminous. The NT-USB is a better headphone amp than it is microphone. Rode’s PSA-1 is far surpassed by the Blue Compass in terms of style and cable management, that’s the only Blue product I would entertain, and even then I’d honestly resent paying them so I would more likely go for a Thronmax, or a Mika if I was feeling stupidly rich. Sorry but I’m a mic-supremacist, and can’t stand things like the Podmic, RE20 or other mics people think pass as being broadcast worthy: too much coloration. There are only three mics I take seriously for VO. U87 AITLM 103Rode NT1Why? Clean frequency responses. There’s a reason why so many have the U87 AI and TLM 103: they’re Neumann’s flagship mic products and their capsules are what many other mic manufacturers try to emulate in a lot of cases. The NT1 is common, it’s a poor man’s Neumann. The average ears on the street wouldn’t know the difference between them, or something recorded on a potato. Some of the audio demos here have convinced me some audio buyers must be tone deaf, and have tinnitus. Anything else doesn’t cut it in my opinion. I can’t stand the SM7B, and dislike the MKH 416: too much coloration. The SM7B needs a lifter, that’s like buying a car and needing to add an extra engine to it before it’ll drive. Pointless mic, so over-rated. Michael Jackson and Joe Rogan are not valid reasons to buy one. I’m not sure there is a valid reason to purchase one, ever. “It looks good” er yeah, but it sounds like mud. Buy artwork based on how it looks. Buy microphones based on how they sound. How can people confuse these things? The 416’s shotgun nature is great to reduce environmental sounds, and that raises the more important point about noise floors and recording environments: if that’s not right, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a homemade ribbon mic, a $10 wish dot com headset or a $12k Telefunken, it’s gonna sound baaaaad. @torrelles “I’ve settled for a U87 in my studio” = nice. “settled for”, makes it sound like dropping a few grand on a mic is a casual purchase, and it makes it sound like a compromise. I’d settle for a hamburger without cheese, but I really wanted a cheeseburger. I’d settle for a 103 if I wanted an 87, I’d settle for a Synco over a 416, am joking about Synco, I wouldn’t but you know what I mean. Was the U87 a compromise? I might be a Neumann fanboy but know it’s not about the mic, it’s what you do with it. Answer this: if you got your mic, weighed it and calculated it’s equivalent price in gold, would the value of the gold be higher, or lower than the money you’ve made with that mic? I think the Zoom H4NPro is a noisy recorder, but know it’s worth more than its weight in gold in the right circumstances. Ends my two cents… 😉 I thought the weight in gold exercise was a funny one, so i went ahead and did it for giggles. MKH416 Price: $999 Weight: 165g value of 165g of gold today: $9,634.18 The value of gold for that weight is less than what I’ve made with the mic. I’ve passed the test. lol
  12. Honestly a great choice. I’ve seen many folks recommend that mic.
  13. You’re not going to like this answer, but this is the real answer to this question: sometimes, working on Fiverr, you have to take it on the chin in these situations. Yes, it sucks, but the reality is that these things happen sometimes. Here’s why I’m telling you to cancel and move on: Ratings are EVERYTHING on Fiverr. If you don’t have good ratings on Fiverr, you don’t have a viable business. If you force this order to be completed so you can get paid, the temporary satisfaction of making money on this order will be gutted quickly… when that customer plants a fat 1-star review on your profile. That review isn’t going to go away. A bad review can affect your business immensely on this platform. Customer service is very likely to side with the customer on this one. You may not agree with this practice from your vantage point, but CS generally sides with buyers in my experience. And I think that’s the right move, from Fiverr’s perspective. The customer is always right… as the saying goes. So, assuming customer service is unlikely to rule this one in your favor anyway, why tempt fate? If you value your business more than a few bucks for the order you finished, you’ll cancel the order through the resolution center, and continue on with your Fiverr career. That’s just my two cents; others may have varying opinions on the matter. I’d rather take the temporary hit for a cancelled order than have a permanent bad review affecting my business.
  14. Congrats on meeting the Top Rated Seller requirements! I’m in a similar position as you; I just met the requirements a few days ago. As others have said, it’s a manual process to be selected for TRS. My advice would be to not focus on it too much; you can make good money as a Level Two Seller already. While TRS does have some nice perks, like the 7 day clearance for funds instead of 14 days, Level Two is still a great place to be. Celebrate your success, keep on working hard, and give it some time. I believe in you! 💪
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