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  1. Look, I am sorry for your bad experience but I replied to you because I’ve been actually providing website services. I have my gig paused only because I don’t have enough time to work at fiverr. With that said, this is what I’ve learnt: I don’t provide “custom codes” or designs before an order is placedNever offer unlimited revisions.The phrase “in the coding world, you give unlimited revisions” is not true at all. It’s actually pretty much the opposite.I always define with my client the features, functionalities, structure and design way before starting to work on the project. Of course, during the designing phase, it may take a while to get what your buyer wants but if you offer unlimited revisions, they can take advantage of it. Instead offer 4-8 revisions. This would make them think twice before sending you a revision request as they know they have limited revisions. This would increase your efficiency since you’ll receive all revision requests at once. Instead, if you offer unlimited revisions, they can request new changes up to infinity, and in the end, the design will be even different from what has been requested initially. When I build a website, only I have access as admin. My clients will always receive the credentials only when the product is finished…What I’ve said before applies here too. Plus, try to update frequently your buyer, so he knows what you are doing. I used some management software, so my clients always knew what I was working at and they could write me their considerations too.I could say the same thing to you as you didn’t know I was working as a Freelance Web Developer. I am not trying to be the “I know everything” guy, but I’ve done some of your mistakes at the beginning.I am just trying to give you advice. Change your workflow, or you’ll keep having such issues! Thanks a lot, All the best 👊
  2. To all of you struggling to understand this situation since they are not in the Website business, I gave custom codes and design as per requested by the customer in a given PDF file.They were nice with me and asked revisions and I completed all of them.When I said %100 satisfaction I mean it because in coding world we give unlimited revisions until they are satisfied and I tell my customers this all the time. 4.The refund happens if I couldn’t to the thing. But in this case I delivered.After the website was done they removed me from admin which means I CAN NOT DO REVISIONS. And they wanted to cancel OUT OF THE SUDDEN.They did not even try to communicate with me and they probably got all my codes.So please, before you start blaming me try to understand what type of service I am giving, because I see most of you are in different careers. @enunciator @vickiespencer @stefanyoshovski @eoinfinnegan
  3. Can you show a screenshot of what they actually said because that sounds crazy Here you are, Imagine that after you’ve delivered a project, after a week surprise the delivered order has been canceled! why? The Great buyer didn’t like it. Screenshot 2021-05-10 2224101276×767 75.1 KB
  4. All these suggestions are logical, this situation really made me feel down. Thanks for you support
  5. In all of my disputes with buyers that I have taken to Customer Service, I have never had one of them say this. :thinking: Screenshot 2021-05-10 2224101276×767 75.1 KB
  6. Can you show a screenshot of what they actually said because that sounds crazy I’d love to actually since I’m really living a shook by wasting more +20 hrs for nothing! I will upload screenshots to a link and share it here soon. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Thanks for your comment but I really offer 100% satisfaction by providing unlimited revisions. and I already canceled an order about a month ago since I felt the customer didn’t like I couldn’t give better. But at this very situation the buyer refused to cooperate with me and even give me comments to revise! and surprised me be removing me from the administration of the panel. Thanks for your suggestion 🙂
  8. I’ve been a Fiverr seller since January 2020, this is my first time I’m writing to share my experience. I had a customer who wanted an urgent selling page on Wordpress and after I did the job he kicked me from the administration of the page so I lost my access and then told me he is not happy with the order and want to cancel, I was like give me your comments and I will be happy to give unlimited revisions until you get satisfied “Just like what I have done with other honest buyers before!”… But the answer was like I don’t have time to waste and a nonsense excuses. I contacted the CS directly and after looking at the order they told me that the buyer always wins and unfortunately all the given efforts are not protected as they told us in the beginning when we signed up! So yes, I’m now going to get a bad order completion rate + I already lost my time + lose my money. I am not feeling protected here any more as a seller on Fiverr.
  9. I agree with you about it, sometimes they share weird meaningless links, and other times they share their website and YouTube videos to get more visits and views (SEO guys can understand me)
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