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  1. My presence on Fiverr is pretty unstable. After 3 months of working, I’ll have to vanish again because of my exam session. I am sure many sellers can relate. I’m in an infinity circle of going to the bottom and then rebuilding my strength. I guess that’s the price of the desire to study and work at the same time. 😀 See you in August.
  2. And I’ve just noticed that you have 4 similar gigs providing the same service. This is not allowed.
  3. I like the way your gig looks like. The description is catchy, the images of the gig look professional. Your pricing list is low as a new seller. You are just in a competitive niche and the first order will be the hardest to get, but your moment will come. The white background of your Profile Photo is a good choice, perhaps I’d recommend a picture of you smiling which I’ve heard seems more friendly to potential buyers. I am giving it as advice, but I need to change mine as well 😆
  4. Look, I am sorry for your bad experience but I replied to you because I’ve been actually providing website services. I have my gig paused only because I don’t have enough time to work at fiverr. With that said, this is what I’ve learnt: I don’t provide “custom codes” or designs before an order is placedNever offer unlimited revisions.The phrase “in the coding world, you give unlimited revisions” is not true at all. It’s actually pretty much the opposite.I always define with my client the features, functionalities, structure and design way before starting to work on the project. Of course, during the designing phase, it may take a while to get what your buyer wants but if you offer unlimited revisions, they can take advantage of it. Instead offer 4-8 revisions. This would make them think twice before sending you a revision request as they know they have limited revisions. This would increase your efficiency since you’ll receive all revision requests at once. Instead, if you offer unlimited revisions, they can request new changes up to infinity, and in the end, the design will be even different from what has been requested initially. When I build a website, only I have access as admin. My clients will always receive the credentials only when the product is finished…What I’ve said before applies here too. Plus, try to update frequently your buyer, so he knows what you are doing. I used some management software, so my clients always knew what I was working at and they could write me their considerations too.I could say the same thing to you as you didn’t know I was working as a Freelance Web Developer. I am not trying to be the “I know everything” guy, but I’ve done some of your mistakes at the beginning.I am just trying to give you advice. Change your workflow, or you’ll keep having such issues!
  5. From all of your posts here, it seems to me that it’s not your first cancelled order recently. Perhaps instead of blaming your clients, try to change your working process. Between me and my clients there is always a clear communication and in the rare event of an issue, we’ve always managed to deal with it. If you are still 100% right and you haven’t misled you customer somehow, just try to do something to protect yourself either with screenshots, proof, terms and conditions you write to you customers before an order…
  6. I don’t provide discounts. I treat all of my customers equally. Why would someone have to receive the same service at a “special price”? It’s like fooling my loyal clients who pay me based on my pricing list.
  7. One small tip. By increasing my prices I reduced a lot the scam requests and possible scammers in general.
  8. I never reply to buyer’s feedback and I don’t think I’ll be doing it for the following reasons: When a buyer is looking for seller’s reviews, he might need to scroll more as he’ll see my comment on each review as well. Also, would you write a different comment each time? I don’t like copy-pasting the same message. I see many sellers who reply to feedback with the same phrase and I never liked that. I leave them feedback too, which means I am not even conditioned based on the feedback they wrote to me. If I decided to start replying to feedback (I thought about that in the past), I would have old reviews without any comment. Someone might think “Why did he answer to some reviews and others not?” I offer some period of free assistance for my digital services, which is a better “I care for my clients” plan than a simple comment. Pretty often buyers express their satisfaction in private messages even before accepting the order. I always reply to them back in private. Just because I don’t write any public comments, doesn’t mean I don’t care for my clients. I just have my own way.
  9. link:https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new Explain them in detail and attach screenshot if necessary. I am pretty sure they’ll refund you.
  10. I keep saying. It’s about communication! I use fiverr both as a seller and buyer. Sometimes it’s really difficult to find quality and honest work. However I’ve noticed that if you contact a seller, it’s pretty frequent that you’ll get a “hi” response and that’s it. You may then get the real response to your questions after half an hour. NEVER do that. It’s bad first impression. Those are the sellers that only care about that “online status” and the “average response time rating”. I get my orders while I am sleeping. You must learn how to convert a user into a client! Yesterday I had a client who had doubts if he would need my services at all. It took me 2 minutes to convert him into a client. You must learn how to understand your potential clients needs. As long as you loose time with “24 hours online, automatic refresher, 24 hours in forum, ect etc” you may or may not get an order, but are you investing enough time into improving your skills and delivering high quality services?
  11. You mentioned that the service provided was good and you need just a few fixes. I’d recommend writing to CS first and try to reach out to the seller.
  12. This is something you cannot apply in Fiverr for the main reason, it’s a worldwide platform. You’ll find out how buyers from different countries tend to behave. You have to be open-minded as well and don’t look at the small picture only (in this case your own country).
  13. Well, I must have missed something in your post, but this changes everything. If the person doesn’t have any reviews at all, I’d be suspicious as well. My point is that I don’t look at the photo or at the nickname. I don’t really care about that as long as the buyer has any reviews.
  14. I’ve got orders from Business Buyers with names like “x-56cb7eh73c” and no profile picture. I mean, why would the nickname or photo be so important for you? There is still a person behind the screen who needs that service. And besides that, fiverr won’t let you change your username even if you’d like to.
  15. Fiverr makes you pay a commission (something about 2$ if I am not wrong or a small percentage). However, for each order, they take a 20% commission from us sellers as well. So in the case of the promo code, fiverr reduces the price for you and they cover that gap with the 20% commision they always take from the seller. In summary, you don’t have to worry about anything. I am a seller on fiverr and I’ve had some clients purchasing with a discount and I’ve always earned what I expected to earn.
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