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  1. Look, I am sorry for your bad experience but I replied to you because I’ve been actually providing website services. I have my gig paused only because I don’t have enough time to work at fiverr. With that said, this is what I’ve learnt: I don’t provide “custom codes” or designs before an order is placedNever offer unlimited revisions.The phrase “in the coding world, you give unlimited revisions” is not true at all. It’s actually pretty much the opposite.I always define with my client the features, functionalities, structure and design way before starting to work on the project. Of course, during the designing phase, it may take a while to get what your buyer wants but if you offer unlimited revisions, they can take advantage of it. Instead offer 4-8 revisions. This would make them think twice before sending you a revision request as they know they have limited revisions. This would increase your efficiency since you’ll receive all revision requests at once. Instead, if you offer unlimited revisions, they can request new changes up to infinity, and in the end, the design will be even different from what has been requested initially. When I build a website, only I have access as admin. My clients will always receive the credentials only when the product is finished…What I’ve said before applies here too. Plus, try to update frequently your buyer, so he knows what you are doing. I used some management software, so my clients always knew what I was working at and they could write me their considerations too.I could say the same thing to you as you didn’t know I was working as a Freelance Web Developer. I am not trying to be the “I know everything” guy, but I’ve done some of your mistakes at the beginning.I am just trying to give you advice. Change your workflow, or you’ll keep having such issues!
  2. From all of your posts here, it seems to me that it’s not your first cancelled order recently. Perhaps instead of blaming your clients, try to change your working process. Between me and my clients there is always a clear communication and in the rare event of an issue, we’ve always managed to deal with it. If you are still 100% right and you haven’t misled you customer somehow, just try to do something to protect yourself either with screenshots, proof, terms and conditions you write to you customers before an order…
  3. Thank you Frank. Great passions you have. The writing seems really interesting! It’s a great way to build your strategy skills. I learnt how to play chess only during lockdown as I was curious about it after watching “Queen’s Gambit” Thank you! I see that many of you can play an instrument. I’ve always wanted to learn but sometimes time just flies. Did you begin learning when you were a child or there is always a chance to be able to learn how to play an instrument? It was nice of you to share this. When I have time, I love reading and I love writing too. However, it’s just a way to free my thoughts and I rarely have shown anything to anyone. I like the style of your writing and how the story engages with the readers and makes you think about it.
  4. Hi everyone, All of us have skills used to earn money, but our mind still needs its own time and space for other activities. What’s that passion you really feel peaceful with, in your free time? It could be Dancing, Drawing, Playing an Instrument, Photography, Videography, Sport and so on… Whatever works for you after a stressful day to free your mind. Here are two of my favourite self-portrait photos. image743×495 138 KB image974×546 88.3 KBP.S: I usually don’t put watermarks, but in this case, I did it just for safety. If you want to do it too, I suggest this website: https://watermarkly.com/ or any other you find on the internet.
  5. Let me join the party. I’ll build a chatbot which will automatically send “No, No, AND NO” replies to questions like this. It should be a handy tool to all of the sellers in this forum, who keep answering to the same questions.
  6. Hi everybody, I read about a feature that some sellers have received. It’s called “cash advance”. My question is: How much should my monthly revenue be, to get that option in my profile?
  7. “When a buyer who wanted 1000 revisions in the previous order, wants to order from you again”
  8. When a buyer writes you “Send me a sample, before ordering I need to check the quality of your work”
  9. Me too, I just wrote the credentials of a client into the chat as he didn’t see them in his delivery and after that my dashboard disappeared. As I had to write the email address in chat, I thought I was banned for that, which shouldn’t be the case since it’s part of my services.
  10. Do someone else has this problem? image1260×300 27.3 KBI am not seeing anything at my dashboard.
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