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SMART buyer: Paid slightly more than required


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Why would a buyer want to pay a little MORE?

Because he wants a longer term relationship, and realizes if people are underpaid, they MAY cut corners. (I wouldn’t have…) He also realized we will probably work together quite a bit in the future. Since I have a large set of clients, it sets him apart. (I may have worked with him already… too many clients to track, but his name didn’t remind me of a previous project.)

Someone asked for a custom quote. I sent it, but I under-priced it by $5. He is also a higher volume seller so he realized it was a mistake, and he called me on it. (Asking: “Are you sure, it’s 183 words”.)

He was right, I charged him for 150 words, when it should have been the 300 words ($5 more).

I would have honored my original quote. BUT for $5 he just bookmarked himself as a priority buyer for me.

I will also move him up my queue, deliver earlier, and send him an additional music choice with his order. He just moved himself into my VIP Club.

You can bet when his orders arrive, and he needs a little extra, I’ll take care of it.

All because he is a fair guy. He could have taken advantage of my mistake, and it wasn’t the end of the world anyway. (I do hundreds of gigs per month, the extra $4 won’t make any diff in my income.) That said, it’s a win for both of us, but over time he’ll get way more value for his $5.

I love buyers like that.

I know getting the lowest price can seem like a win, but getting a fair price for the experienced sellers, who can provide top quality has a place too.

Don’t pay extra for “just OK” work… But when you find an excellent seller, treat them well and they will do the same…

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