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I need to remove a preview left by a client.Please help!


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Hi, I receive a five star rating from a client and whit that one of the illustrations I made for him was added to my preview list. The client contacted me and ask me to remove it. I tried editing my gig preview but I did not find any option for this, I can only remove my own post. Is there a way?

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The buyer put it into your live portfolio. He must be new to 5r.

When he wrote your review, there is a thumbnail picture of the illustration next to the optional comment section. It had the “+” inside it (which means he agreed to display it in your live portfolio).

If he did not wanted it displayed, he should have clicked it; a “-” symbol would appear (which means it will not be displayed).

Since the system update, he can no longer change review, therefore he can not remove it, neither can you.

One of you should contact customer support to see if they can remove it. The other option is to allow him the option to redo your review (you have to give him permission) from your order page.

If you let him redo review, you are risking the chance he could change the review.

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