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How long should I wait?


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Hi its the first time I have used the android app. I have ordered a gig a couple of hours ago but it’s not showing up on the app or on the website. I got a notification and an email telling to upload details but I can’t find the order anywhere. Should I wait to see if it will sort itself out or should try and find someone who can fix it?



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Click your user name, buying, manage orders.
=> Under Manage Orders, look under “Active” and click the gig.
=> Scroll down until you come to the blue clipboard with “Order Requirements” written under it.
==> If it asks what industry it belongs to, skip it.
=> Right below it, you will see instructions from the seller asking you to fill out or attach document. Do it and hit submit.

Edit: Darn it! As usual, DJ beat me to it. He makes it easy, I make it hard!! 😁

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