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Anyone Know of a Product Photography Scam?


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I have a product photography gig, but keep getting contacted by folks that sound too similar. They are always foreigners, they always ask for “better photos” for Amazon products, even though their photos look great already. They ask me to order the product (always from a foreign country) with a coupon code they will provide, then ask me for a quote.

From there, I try to ask a few questions to better gauge their needs and expectations, but they never really answer. We go back and forth 4-5 times, before I begin to feel this is a scam. What’s the deal?

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Maybe it is or maybe it isn’t.

Couple of things you have to understand, buyer’s seldom gives precedence to communications here with you. And many buyer’s (especially amazon store owners) may or may not speak English properly.

So you have to be the best judge of the potential buyers you are dealing with. If your gut tells you to avoid them, listening to it would be the sound advice.


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