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I got my very first order with 5 star feedback

Guest benlancer

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Guest benlancer

This is my very first time visiting this forum and I must say I am very quite abstounded on what I am seeing here especially in “Fiver Stories” section. I know this achievement of mine is nothing compared to the “I’m a level two seller at last!”, “$999 on a single order”, “I achieved a 10k personal milestones!”, etc. but to tell you honestly I am very much proud of my achievement, I am on my 2 weeks on this platform and I just got my first order last 3 days ago.

To begin with, after establishing my gig, I’d done some research and did the smart way of advertising the gig on different platforms like google plus communities, facebook group, classified ads, etc. however, not a single order was made. It was just this last week that I have come to know and utilize the “Buyer Request” function. I work hard trying to send my professional and pleasing offer in accordance to the buyer’s request and after days of competing in the buyer request section it was just last 3 days ago that I acquired my very first buyer and fortunately to my knowledge the buyer is my fellow countrymen (Filipino).

At that very moment I was very happy and excited to offer the buyer my service, and in my mind, I am very eager to agree on what terms and suggestions will it be, very eager on the level that I am willing to offer my gig free of charge (Lol). Nonetheless, we just had an agreement and the buyer is very friendly to communicate with. A day or hours had passed, I’d managed to send my finished work in accordance to the said suggestions and special requests. I worked very hard to meet the expectations of my buyer and willing to do an unlimited revisions if required, in fact, I did more than 5 (five) revisions, nevertheless, the buyer is still calm and cordial to communicate with.

It came to a time that I am not satisfied with the revisions and it doesn’t pass my standards, however, I just kept in my mind that it is always the customers first, the customer is always right as they say, so I kept following the suggestions until the buyer is 100% satisfied with the revisions. Thankfully, after the devoted-work and revisions, I can say the buyer is 101% satisfied and also gave me a generous tip.

“This guy is amazing!!!, Highly recommended. I made a lot of adjustment, and he’s ok with it, very patient, cool guy!!! Absolutely happy customer” - My buyer’s feedback.

I wrote my Fiverr story not to impress but to express myself, and my aim is to inspire the novice sellers like me to work hard and have more patience. Same goes to the experts, please don’t forget that most of you had also been here at this very moment of my story and never ever forget to be humble and value your customer just like you did from your very first order of your fiverr career.

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