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Devastated: I lost ALL my levels


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I’ve been working really hard to improve daily in an effort to become a Top Seller, I actually was about to buy more computer and video equipment to better my gigs, etc. Then, I woke up this morning to find two emails, one that I lost my Level 2, then another saying I lost my Level 1.

Needless to say, I am devastated. I’m close to tears at this point. Fiverr has become my full-time job and only source of income. Every week I have dozens of orders, and have a perfect 100% rating on all my gigs. It’s a daily thing for me to come here and find ways to better my work and my gigs so that I can make it to Top Seller.

Now, I seen people talk about this before on the Forum, so I knew it was possible… but getting the emails were extremely heartbreaking. All my videos, samples, and descriptions all talk about extra gigs. Almost off my orders placed by buyers include an extra gig or two, and now with them all gone. It’s just really devastating.

I know cancelations were a factor, but every single cancelation was made because either 1) the buyer placed and order asking for work that was in violation of Fiverrs Terms of Service 2) The buyer incorrectly placed an order, or placed an order with me (never contacting me before hand) asking me to do something that I can’t or won’t do.

I feel like I am between a rock an a hard place, I have to cancel about 2-4 gigs a week because buyers fail to contact me prior to order and as a result place orders with me for things I can’t or don’t do. Still, some people fail to do so… and it’s obvious when they do, 9 times out of 10 the ones that do, provide information regarding there order ask for things that are in violation of Fiverrs terms or ask for something I don’t and will not provide (something inappropriate, or a buyer who never contacted me prior, orders and pastes a 200 word script with a $5 order and refusing to purchase extra gigs when I tell them that, just like stated in the description, its xyz for 1 gig, or ask for things like green screen, which I also state in my description that I don’t have or do) I can’t not cancel though. Then when I say I don’t do this because it’s in violation we both (buyer and seller) have no choice but to cancel the order. There is no other option.

For one, I don’t dare do anything that violates Fiverr’s terms because not only is it wrong, but I won’t risk my account for any buyer; doing so would be counter intuitive to my efforts of working towards becoming a Top Seller. I can’t not cancel a gig when I buyer places an order, never speaking to me prior, providing information asking me to “speech in a British accent, film in front of a green screen, and insert these photos into the video” for $5, when that’s not something I even offer!

I feel so stuck, and at a huge loss. I contacted customer service, but I don’t know what they will say or do to help me. At this point, I don’t even know what to do. I have no problem taking responsibility for my mistakes, but I feel like I’m being punished for doing the ultimately providing honest work and doing right thing. I can’t stop a buyer from placing an order with me, all I can do (and have done in all areas) is state that buyers need to contact me prior to placing an order. I won’t do work that is in violation of Fiverrs terms, and is something I clearly stated in my description that I won’t do. I can’t do work that I don’t provide, and never offered in the first place.

Sorry for the lengthy write up, this is the biggest reason why I stated in my last forum post about sellers being able to “accept or deny” orders placed by buyers to prevent issues cancelation issues that not only I, but we all have as sellers. It’s such an unfair thing, that I feel a lot of good sellers have taken away from them because of buyers indecretions.

As a result, not only does it costs the sellers, but it costs Fiverr as well. Even if it is just me, which I know I’m not the first to go through this, I don’t think they want me to from making $xyz amount a week to $x amount a week. It’s less money in their pocket for them too. In theory, you would think they’d be more careful and considerate of a sellers levels so that can keep those buyers at their most profitable, so they can be at their most profitable as well.

So, what to do now? Maybe copy and paste discussion to customer service? Lol.

Update 9:04pm:

After a few back and forth messages with customer service they basically said there is nothing they can do about it, and they can’t help me. Super.

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Sorry to hear that, its awful get a mail like that, when your playing by the rules, feels like a smack in the face. Chin up, your still on fiverr and you’ve haven’t done something you feel uncomfortable with, stood your ground.

I know I should be level 2 already but due to afew buyers, buying by mistake I think its affected my getting promoted.

For the time been, I know this is abit of work, why don’t you update your gigs, instead of check out my gig extras, say I will do XYZ for $5, for a longer video etc you need to order 2 gigs.

I really hope that the new Fiverr V2 has the option for sellers to decline. I haven’t had a chance to read all of the forum posts about V2 but I hope its not just a new fancy looking front end application and they’ve actually invested in the background code and introduced new seller friendly features.

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@garavogue I really appreciate your kind words, and I’m wishing the the same with the new V2! I’m in the process of writing back up material for my gigs. It’s extremely disheartening when you’re basically having your ability to do your job and do it effectively dictated by the irresponsibility of a buyer, who you can’t control.

I’ve even mentioned competing sellers “accidentally” placing an order from me, as sabotage. Since cancelations effect your rating, this is something I’m seeing going on, and I’m really concerned about.

It’s a separate subject, but what’s stopping people making fake accounts to order from competitors and asking them to cancel? Knowing it’s going to effect them on their Levels. That’s also an issue I am gravely concerned about.

I have dozens of cancelations from “new” buyers that placed an order, didn’t read my description, and have to cancel with because they’re asking for something I can’t or don’t do. Then they have say “I don’t know how to cancel the order, can you?” so then I’m left to post the mutual cancelation on my end, which still effects me even though I’m not at fault.

I don’t think it’s fair at all to be stuck with taking the bullet for the error or mistakes of another user who failed to do their part. Here’s hoping for better things, thanks! 🙂

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Reply to @bachas85: It is, they are all mutual cancelations. Half of the cancelations are due to buyers requesting things are violation of Fiverr’s terms of service.

I don’t promote any work that goes against Fiverr’s terms, nor would I ever. I actually state that I will not do certain things (including examples) because they it violates Fiverr’s terms, but people will still order anyways, and never contact me prior. I don’t think I should be held responsible for that.

The other half are buyers ordering incorrectly, placing an order and requesting me to do work I don’t even offer, or promote in any of my gigs (ie. green screen, accents, video text inserts, photo slide in videos). At this point I don’t even know what do to because I don’t think I need to be repeating Fiverr’s TOS on my description, when I could be filling it with information regarding my gigs and what they entail.

I attached screenshots of some of my cancelations to CS, but I can safely only 2 orders (they were for the same buyer) were canceled on my behalf because I couldn’t fulfil their order. It was an issue with filming and visibility. It knew it was something that I couldn’t change, but knew it was essential for them and there video, so I apologized, and asked to cancel.

I believe about 4-5 were canceled by customer service only because the buyer failed to order the gig correctly, I kept messaging them and they never replied… I waited till delivery time was under the 24 hour mark, but what can I do?

I’m actually having the same issue (failing to order correctly, they all didn’t message me prior to ordering either) now with 3 buyers currently. They’re not replying to my messages saying that they need edit their orders and purchase the required extra gigs so I can actually complete their work… what to do, what to do.

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This really sucks. I really feel Fiverr is going down hill, and the staff is not handling it the way they should. This is such bs. I’m sorry for the lost of your levels. Its hard to know that there are sellers ripping off the fiverr system and getting away with it. While the good sellers work their ass off only to have something like this happen. Its really messed up.

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Reply to @musiclover: I’m honestly really upset about this, I spoke to two sperate individuals at customer service one of which is was clear they didn’t read my message and all they replied was:

"Thank you for clarifying this issue. As it’s not possible for us to manually reinstate your level, you would need to continue improving your selling performance while at the same time avoid to make excessive order cancellations.

May I recommend updating your gig descriptions to specifically emphasise that buyers should always contact you in advance before placing orders on the gig - that way you would be able to avoid the majority of misplaced orders as well as clarify your buyers’ work requirements beforehand, increasing likelihood of successful service completion.

This should help in reducing amount of your order cancellations and speeding up your level recovery. :)"

This is following the message where I started (and even send this forum link to them) I have the same message that asks "All buyers must contact me prior to order regrading their potential order. Failure in doing so many result in delays or cancelation of orders."

I have this in the beginning of all my descriptions, in my sample photos, I mention it in my videos, and it’s even in my profile bio. I don’t know what more I can do, I have no control over what another human being does behind their own computer. The proof is right there in every one of my canceled orders. I’m being honest, you can even see that in the conversations and cancelation text in those orders. So why am I being shafted?

I just think it’s really strange, they have control to go in and cancel an order manually on a users account, yet have no control over their levelling system. As if it’s this software system they keep on a dessert island. I tried to talk to someone else, asked if there was any one I could call… and they replied with “Apologies for not being able to help you more at this time.” Ugh.

They’re going to lose a lot of good sellers, and profit due to this lack of consideration. What is really unprofessional is that they didn’t even try… that’s not customer service.

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I really wish there was a way to approve clients, before they purchase. I also think providers shouldn’t be punished for a client’s idiocy. I am new here, but have made tons of money on other freelancing sites.

My gigs are explained very clearly. Yet I am dealing with someone right now, who is trying to blackmail me into refunding his money. Gig listings clearly state “Up to 20 minutes of phone calls per gig”. He wanted me to do telemarketing, which the gig said I don’t do. Wanted to pay me $75 per sale commission. I told him it would be 3 gigs per hour, cause I needed to make $15 per hour, whether there were any sales or not. I knew I had no way of getting paid those commissions.

He badgered me into doing it, for a trial of 2 gigs. What he was selling was really distasteful to me. When he tried to arrange more gigs, I told him I wasn’t interested in doing any more calls for him. I thanked him, and wished him luck with his business.

His response was "okay I will leave bad reviews then unless I can get a mutal refund on one gig as this was really unhelpful and I thought I was getting more than 20 minutes per gig"

I was like REALLY??? Unbelievable!

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Right now I have two customers who refuse to answer! They placed the order , but never accepted the instructions! Ive contacted them several times, I cannot even deliver their gigs if they dont respond. Im now afraid that they will be upset when they log in to fiverr and see a bunch of messages from me. Ive waited 4 days.

Its not fair that we have buyers like this, but what can we do , right?

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Reply to @gamersuscentral: I have the same issue with 2 buyers currently, typically have about 2-3 buyers that fail to communicate with all together, and I’m forced to cancel within the last few hours of delivery (through customer service over ride)

Don’t worry if they’re upset, just explain to them, it’s their communication that is key to providing them with the best gig possible. You can’t help if they won’t answer you, so don’t beat yourself up about it. I mean honestly if they can’t understand that it’s their information and communication that is essential for a perfect or near perfect assignment refuse to work with them on future orders.

This is one of the reasons why I brought up buyers having ratings posted on their publicly directly on their accounts, too often I hear from the grape vine about some bad buyers, and I’ve been hit by them myself. That forum post can be found here: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/10030/buyer-reviews-should-be-viewable-in-public-profile#Item_5

I feel like buyers are held with zero accountability, it’s really a unfair “playing field”.

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Reply to @virtualassist4u: LOL! I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing at the “bullying buyers” I get them quite often. They purposefully order incorrectly and try to tell me what they’ll purchase or what they can/can’t afford.

They try to play me like I’m stupid (part of it I think because they think just because I’m a young female and since most of the buyers I deal with are men that I’ll gave). I’m not trying to seem like I’m putting the “young female” card, but I go through things like this every day. Men profile me as young-pretty-but-dumb and they have another thing coming to them. I will not tolerate a bully. I don’t tolerate customers like that. Be professional, or go some where else. I don’t know personally, but I’m assuming a lot of the male buyers have an easier time and aren’t bullied on a daily basis in regards to orders.

My description is clearly marked with how much an extra gig is, and how much material is in one gig… don’t order one gig from me when it clearly says “each gig is 50 words, so order more words if you have a longer script” having never spoken to me prior, and copy and past a list (including extras you didn’t purchase) and a 300 word script and then ask me if I’ll take $5 more dollars. It’s clearly posted.

Most of the time I just reiterate my description, which provides full details, and break down of extras, and tell them it was clearly posted. If they keep making excuses, I tell them to go ahead and cancel.

After that they “wise up” and either humble themselves and become profusely sorry, and correct their order… or they take hold of their egotistical pride, cancel, and go bully another seller and try to take advantage of them (I’m assuming another female).

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I lost my LEVEL 2 and LEVEL 1 Last day.

And again the reason is HIGH MUTUAL CANCELLATION which are 90% of those buyers who buy GIG by mistake or change their mind later.

And top on THAT Fiverr CS straight forward refuse to help in this matter in any way.

And today i lost $225 worth work because Buyer did not want to order my GIG 45 time.

And i heard in FIVERR v2 this issue is yet not resolved!

This is a bad LOOPHOLE exist in Fiverr System, which fiverr is not going to resolve any soon!

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Reply to @matt_garry: Lol, that stinks! I actually know of two user accounts where the person is actually a man and they’re pretending to be female, kind of shady. I reported one account because they were asking for some really inappropriate things and telling me it’s for some “famous pop celeb” like it was going to impact my decision to do the work they requested or not. Kind of gross, and really sad.

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Going through the same heartbreak right now… Just lost both level 2 and level 1 badges… Emailed them asking what I can do to prevent any other losses, got a generic copy/paste response that basically said that with continued good standing my account should be back up and running in no time… Couple days later my best gig was “denied” and removed. It had been up and running for four months with 100% rating and was getting several orders per day. Emailed again asking, got the exact same copy paste response. Extremely discouraging, especially that this can happen in no time at all without warning, after months of working our butts off.

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Oh I am so sorry about this situation! anyone hardworking would be devastated, I am so praying for option to refuse buyers orders!

I was wondering what was the ratio between the completed and the cancelled orders when you have lost the levels?

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I’m with you, really!!! I understand how bad can you feel and I’m sorry for this 😦

We (sellers) are continuously asking Fiverr to implement a “deny order” button OR considering different categories on cancellations.

If buyer ordered by mistake, didn’t red your gig description and ordered a thing that you clearly say you cannot do, or buyer asked you something not legal (for Fiverr or your government… yes, I had some) you cannot be punished for this!!!

95% of my cancelled orders are because one of previous reasons :-L

Five minutes ago I found a new order: not only buyer didn’t wrote me before placing the order, but he wrote “Sorry ! i dont remember when i hit order button :o Please cancle this.”: why should this be considered a cancellation?

I wrote (using new Fiverrtron) Customer Support asking them to stop this, 'cause everyone here is complying for this unacceptable policy!!!

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