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Can we use our native language in forums?


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It’s not against the forum rules to write in your native language, but there are some things to keep in mind. Since many readers cannot read it without translation, you’ll cut out a large portion of the community even though this is a shared space. Also, since most of the moderators do not know every single language, there is a good chance any moderators online won’t know if you are writing something in the correct category, etc. A moderator who is in a hurry might have to pull your post out of view until there is time to run Google Translate, and if the results of software translation are poor, the post will probably not come back.

If you look underneath the “rules” part of the forum rules you’ll find some guidelines/best practices that have suggestions for this. One of them is to post in English (even if it is choppy) and then either reply to yourself or use the same post window to say that below is a translation in Martian (subtitute yours.) Then you can add your post in your native language. The moderators are more likely to be flexible even if they don’t have time to check it, but do remember that if the translation is a totally different post to try to get around the real rules, that would be a problem. Generall speaking, it is a good idea to use English just to avoid all this other stuff, but you don’t have to.

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I can’t tell you how many people from varied places use Fiverr although it appears by looking at gigs that there are strong numbers in India and Pakistan, but that doesn’t mean that Indians are the majority. I don’t have analytics for fiverr.com, though, where gigs are display.

I can tell you that almost 100% of forum users can read/write English to some degree. All of the admins and moderators can also, ranging from natives of Italy to UK to USA to Germany.

I can also tell you based on looking at the forum Analytics page that there are approximately 503,335 users who have posted at some point. Only a fraction of those are active forum users. Of those who post in the non-ad categories, the majority are not Indian. They are a diverse mix and the top groups that are routinely active in non-ad categories are either from or live in English-speaking countries.

So, if the forum were changed to be in Hindi and all users that could not read or write in Hindi stopped registering and posting, there would likely be a large drop in rule-abiding activity outside of My Fiverr Gigs. From what I can tell, right now new users are registering at a slowly increasing rate after seeing a forum in English, and new posts/replies are relatively steady right now, though not growing. I don’t think we would see the same if the language was all changed to Hindu, so that doesn’t support the theory of the “majority Indian” forum user group. This goes for other language groups too, including common European ones, and I would be glad to see an increase in users from any country who are honest and can do their advertised tasks. Graphs:

If anyone want to counter this and give real ideas on why the forum should be predominantly in another language because the majority of forum users actually speak native [whatever], speak up!

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