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  1. Payoneer is best they charge flat fees of 3$. and takes 2-4 days. One more thing I setup my account in payoneer in 2016 and since then I didn’t even login again. everything is simple. On the other hand paypal has so many restrictions, sometimes it holds accounts without warning Tip- use only for large amount withdrawl
  2. Why isn’t there any option to accept or reject the order received for sellers? This question came in my mind when I received this message in my email _Based on your recent activity, your account no longer meets the requirements for Level Two status.__ **The following was your performance at the end of the evaluation period (March 15, 2018 00:00 GMT):_ _ **Response Rate: 100%_ _ **Order Completion: 89%_ _ **On Time Delivery: 97%_ _ **Rating: 5.0_ I’m like what happened? After some moments I realize, it’s because of those buyers who just order randomly because they think the seller with 5 star ratings can design anything. Moreover the only thing hurts me is my order completion percentage. it’s because I can’t control it, no matter what I do. the reason is those buyers who don’t even read the description of my gigs and ordered. which forced me to cancel the order. is anything happened with you? is there any solution for it? how do you manage your percentage? thanks
  3. @samrat_preet send a offer with how can you help him with your unique skills let him know you can also provide future revisions. and how can he get discount in the second order. Don’t send offer if already 15-20 offers sent by others sellers Always keep an eye on when new requests loaded and be the first one to send a offer. 😀
  4. Don’t compare soldiers with 60 - 80 years old people who can’t even walk. Marriages, medical emergencies,small shopkeepers business is effected because of this. Imagine yourself as a bridegroom ,standing in front of the bank on your wedding day in never ending lines or waiting to get 100 rs just to buy one time food for the children’s. We can’t even imagine what is happening out there their are complaints about money snatching, dying people outside banks and everyone know who’s corrupt, where’s the black money is . Instead of focusing at their swiss banks, modi wants the small money which is not filled in taxes… Everyone knows how ambani spend all his black money on jio , because modi told him earlier. so don’t think corruption will end, it will get worse and worse.
  5. god bless those people who are standing infront of ATM’s in the never ending lines just to get 2000rs everyday day. lol
  6. My response rate is back to 100%. This is how it’s done ( 99% it works). Reply as fast as you can to your first inbox message. What happened is , someone contact me through inbox for asking me about my gigs to place an order. We chat for near about half an hour and It turns my response rate back to 100%. NOTE : Your Response Rate tracks the percentage of first inbox messages (conversation starters) from other users that you respond to within 24 hours of receiving the message.
  7. I also have the same theories you said, but I ignored them as they are not written in FAQ’s. And I just noticed my ratings increased by 1%.
  8. I do the same by waking up, but I delete those spam with links. 2 month back Customer support told me, spam messages won’t count in response rate , so you can delete them without replying.
  9. Hi, My response rate went down from 100% to 84% . This is the first time it happens since I joined . This is what they say "You responded to 84% of the inquiries you received in the last 30 days. Your average response time is 1 Hrs. " But I checked my inbox, I responded to each and every message I got within 12 hours. So my question is why did the rate went down?
  10. and those people are not using fiverr. 😛 I’m trying to help him, he needs to adjust the prices and design according to clients requests. Putting $115 in packages won’t attract new buyers , but offering them extra service through INBOX might help him get $100 from a single logo.
  11. payoneer is fast (24 hours money transfer) Paypal is slow ( 6-7 days money transfer) Best part is you’ll save more in payoneer than paypal Inbox for more details 🙂
  12. $115 for premium packages really??? change your package prices, if you want new order daily Buyers can get whole website designed in 100$ with logo, banners, social sites and much more.
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