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  1. Welcome to our community. The best way is you contact with customer support.
  2. Goodbye. We all going to miss you … 💔
  3. Hi there , I am using chrome Browser . from Morning I am unable to logged in . I am able to use Fiverr om Mobile but not my Computer . I never see this types of problem before. This is the first time I am seeing . I dont know what to do . Please suggest me. I am worried. 😢 Thank you
  4. Wow!!! this is a big and good news for us. 💕
  5. There is no tax in here . but whatever you earn, Fiverr will get 20% of 100%. So you dont have to worry about it. If you earn 5usd, fiverr will get 1usd. And finally you will get 4usd. this is not tax system . Its fiverr Charge . Hope you understand
  6. I am really fed up . I am not getting sells. previously I got lots of sell. My most of the gig was ranked first page. but all gigs are gone from first page. You cant even find any gigs on search page. I really dont know what’s going on . Any suggestions from you . Thank you 😥
  7. Hi there , I would like to use my selling money to buy a course. is it possible? Thanks:green_heart:💚
  8. If i am not be able to reply, it will affect my response rate . What I supposed to do , as I am not also be able to unspam and reply and again report . oh!!!
  9. is it possible to time travelling . If not not to worry . Real time travelling
  10. Lots of Love . You are just a Mind reader. Great writings. Thank you so much 🍁
  11. Sorry to hear that . Dont worry . It will take time to get another works. You have to make more gigs . All the best
  12. That’s not true. You can stand by your work and expect to be paid for your time and talents. Don’t be taken advantage of, even the TOS backs you. It happened couple of times. Even I had 100% proof. Its One kind of tricks of Buyer and I can assure you they are not real buyer , they are just a Middle man
  13. Actually We all are confused are you Tasbyha Amaan or you are using her Photo . II think Zeus meant that . And As far as we know Zeus from the very beginning . No offences as i dont know . and Wish you all the best to your Journey
  14. brother, Trust me its happening Everyday . Everywhere is bad people. we cant escape from them . really we are totally helpless, Nothing we can do .
  15. I am really Happy That I did not start this ❤️
  16. read this tips hope it will help you Wish you all the best
  17. I know what is this but i am confused regarding your question . Its simple answer, but You think its complicated . So I also thought its complicated
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