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Increase your sales through follow up


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Hello Everyone…!

I am a designer and CG artist and really enjoying working on Fiverr. I want to share some of my experiences for newbies.

Whenever you respond on a buyer request, you may receive some messages from the clients in which they asks quotes from you. Sometime they accept your offer and proceed the order. Beside this all some clients do not respond back and there is a possibility that they hired someone else but again it’s just a chance but not definite.

Well in this case when buyer not respond you back after sending your detailed quotation. Then it’s best to follow up your clients in a very polite way. Keep following points in mind…

  1. Follow up your client’s messages after 24-48 hours. (If you see client’s status online and he/she is active)

  2. Start your message with greeting.

  3. Ask for a work and say that you have sent a detailed quotation and looking forward to hear.

  4. Don’t forget to mention that you are still interested in work.

  5. You should be confident that you are able to complete client’s requirements. Your confidence will automatically add magic to your communication.

  6. Ask for a work through follow up only once and never send message again and again.

It’s again not sure that client will hire you but I can say that many times you will get the job through a good follow up. You should be very good in communication because it plays important role. You can inspire your clients through bringing a positive impact on a client mind. And this all will happen when you have a good command over communication.

Fiverr will never disappoint you when you are really struggling.

Good Luck to everyone. 🙂

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Do NOT do this! That’s spam!

Responding to a Buyers Request is the only appropriate way to contact buyers. You should never approach a buyer who has not first contacted you. If a buyer didn’t respond to your request offer, you don’t keep talking to them; it’s rude, unprofessional, and you can be reported and lose Levels or your account over it.

Read and follow the Terms of Service, would you?

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You are welcome…!

Well i heard about fiverr from my friend and at that time I didn’t know anything about this system. First of all my friend described me the basics of website and then I started exploring techniques through reading articles and fiverr forum. I was not good at communication at first but I never lose hope. I learned more about my specific skills and improved my communication skills also. You can find a lot of stuff on internet. When you are good at your skill and you have confidence on your self then it will automatically bring awesomeness in your words and dealing. Never ever give up and never stop the learning process. I got my first order after 50 days and it was painful. But now I am getting orders daily. This all happened due to my determination and continuity of learning process. 🙂

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I mentioned clearly in my post that follow up in only that case if buyer contacted you first and you sent a quotation 🙂 We can’t contact first in any case as mentioned in Terms of Service. 🙂 And hopefully everyone know this.

I wonder without reading the whole post how can you say it’s a spam. 🙂 🙂

Please check it all. 🙂

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Thanks I mentioned in my post that asked for a work only once only in that case if they contacted you first and never send message again and again. 🙂 I hope You read it. I wonder I am seeing repeated points that I mentioned in the post.

Sending message without the buyer message is spam. I clearly described everything. 🙂

Thanks for your time. 🙂

Stay Blessed. 🙂

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Sometimes it might help you make a sale. Sometimes a buyer will even thank you for reminding them.

On the other hand, some buyers might be annoyed (imagine a buyer who contacts 20 sellers, gets a quote from all of them, and then 19 sellers message him after a day or two; it’s 19 messages he or she doesn’t want to receive). If a few buyers report you for spamming them, you’ll get your messaging disabled.

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