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BETTER FORUM POSTS. Or, an Act of Futility


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The incentives to follow what is below are:

  1. Either option takes an estimated 2 calories of energy;
  2. The first option takes approximately 30 seconds;
  3. The second option takes approximately 5 seconds.

I put before you the (masochistic) goal of improving English grammar and spelling in the Fiverr Forums.

“Oh my gawd! Jim, there’s a nutter on the loose in the Forums!” cried McCoy.

“Get a hold of yourself, Bones,” yelled Kirk. “It’s about grammar and crap. Just go to the next post.”

But I know this not a futile act of masochism. A futile act of masochism is a successful act of masochism.

I already know this post will fail.

The solutions are simple. Use them if you are not fluent in English. Use them if you are fluent in English. The solutions will not get us to 100% accuracy, but better is better than really poor. (“Crap, he’s self-righteous too.”)

If you do not want to do Option 1, then go to Option 2. Don’t ask what happens to your reputation if you choose neither.


Add a spelling and grammar plugin to your Chrome browser. We’ll use Grammarly for this post’s sake. (Fiverr’s Zendesk folks recommend Chrome when using Fiverr. I have that in writing).

“I don’t want a Chrome plugin.” Go immediately to Option 2.

  1. Google “grammarly chrome plugin.”
  2. Install.
  3. Go back to this Forum.
  4. Start typing a new post or reply.
  5. Grammarly will show your errors. It works in the Forums.
  6. Accept the corrections.
  7. Post.


  1. Open a Word document or similar.
  2. Type your post in the document first.
  3. Click Review and click Spelling & Grammar.
  4. Accept all the corrections.
  5. Go to the Forum.
  6. Copy and paste your text from the Word document into your new Forum post.

“But I don’t use Word. Bill Gates reminds me of Uncle Art and he had really bad breath.”

Crap almighty. Every word processor on the planet has a built-in spelling and grammar checker.

Now wait. Listen. Just listen. Nice and quiet. Listen harder. Just a little longer. Some more. Just a little harder.

There. You hear that?

“Yes . . . what is that?”

That’s the sound of a Forum post dying a quick death.

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Grammarly is a wonderful tool that everyone should use, no matter their level of fluency. Just because someone is fluent in a language doesn’t mean that they can always type and communicate in that language correctly.

Also, I love your sense of humor. I do hope that a small handful of people take your advice, but if not, don’t take it personally. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

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