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Cancellation Policy has Changed - No more Mutual


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I have not cancelled a gig in a while so not sure when the policy changed, but it looks like mutual cancellation is out the door.

I put in my gig descriptions to contact me before ordering to make sure I have the appropriate resources to do their gigs. If after discussing with the buyer it turns out I don’t have the resources I let the buyer know I can’t do their gig and NO ORDER is placed.

At times a client would not contact me but instead place an order, and if it turned out I did not have the resources, I would put in a mutual cancellation. No harm, no foul.

But things have changed.

I just now had a client place an order without first contacting me to make sure I had the resources needed for his gig. It turns out I don’t. I went to cancel and now see that cancellations will hurt sellers in the following ways:

Weaken Order Completion Rate
Listing placement could change

So once again buyers can place an order and no matter how unreasonable, the sellers suffer the consequences if they cancel.

Thanks Fiverr for looking out for your sellers.

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I’m really not happy that even mutual cancellations affect gig listing. I mean, what about those kind of buyers who DON’T BOTHER to read the gig description that mention to contact if something they want isn’t listed. 😦

Life goes on, I guess! Oh well.

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