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Thank you god!


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The annual borefest where overpaid soccer players in England (England only) get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a week to kick a ball around so as to line their owner’s corporate coffers–typically Arabic or American these days–with $$$. It’s not quite as bad as the NFL (yet), but there you go. Typically, this league has been stuffed to the gills with some of the world’s best players, while English talent suffers, because it’s all about the money. Sometimes, like this year, a “minnow club” wins and pundits go on and on and on forever about how the little guy can still prevail and isn’t soccer a marvellous game of two halves. It was probably rigged.

Quite frankly, I remain unimpressed by the whole thing. #breadandcircuses

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When you say “Thank you God” are you referring to Zlatan?

I have to say, I am looking forward to this season more than any other of the EPL. The incredible number of interest points will make almost every week of it interesting instead of the usual couple of good games and boredom that it usually delivers.
With the (disputable) top 3 clubs of City, Utd and Chelsea all having new managers, each one of the highest caliber, each with completely unique styles and each with squads potentially capable of dominating world football but have not done so recently it is going to be interesting.
Add to that the likability of Klopp and Ranieri, the staying power of Wenger, Moyes return to the EPL, managers like Bilic, Koeman, Poccetino and Puel who have achieved great things with lesser squads and of course the couple of British lads who will be trying to show they are just as good.

Will Vardy regret not going to Arsenal? Will Kante be as good as last season? Will Zlatan produce? Will Rooney? Can Conte wake up Chelsea? Can Guardiola make an English team play like Barcelona? Will Jose’s “dream job” turn into a nightmare? Will Spurs ever finish above Arsenal? Can the English players recover their reputations after the Euros? Can we see more of the magic of Payet and Mahrez? Is Stones worth £50m? What will Pogba do?

Its going to be great!

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