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Can anyone review my gig and tell me if it looks ok


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Dear Ilo:

I took a look at your gig. Here are my thoughts:

*Gig Title
I will advertise using your custom text and logo on this lorry for $5

“Lorry” is UK-centric. Many Americans won’t know what you’re talking about, and will believe that you are putting their logo on the side of an actual lorry. You should clarify however you can that this is a video and not a real-life logo placement.

*Gig description:
Description about this gig [i suggest you delete this line]
I will add and display your website logo and custom text on this real lorry (or truck) video.

Video quality is reduced when playing the clip, so please ignore that. The quality on your final product is better.

The video can be used for
Adding your custom text
Birthday wish messages
Spouse’s name, greeting text
Web links

Add a logo with custom text.

What you will get: ⤸
A video of a real lorry with your logo and custom text on it.

Simple order process: ⤸
Place your order.
Give your logo and custom text you wish to add and website link.
Your video will be ready and sent to you.

About me:
Customer support very friendly.
Super fast delivery.
Provide 100% satisfaction work.
Trusted Level 2 Seller with excellent ratings and reviews.

Thank you for taking the time to view my gig.
✯✯ ilovecustomers. ✯✯

Good luck,

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