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Tips for New Sellers: How To Start a Profitable Fiverr Business

Guest bluepenn

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Guest bluepenn

Fiverr is now an 800-pound giant gorilla in the virtual space of freelancing. It is loaded with millions of professional sellers and you’re one of them, of course.

If you’re a new comer on this incredibly successful marketplace, you are surely going to be struck down by the insanity of competition. However, to help you out, here I’ve put together some useful suggestions that can make your beginning much easier. So just take your time and read this whole article.

Sign Up

The very first thing you need to do is signing up. Well, it’s definitely a no brain task, but if you want to keep your account alive for thousands years, you have to be smart while signing up with this beautiful marketplace. How to be smart:

  1. First, go through their terms and condition page

  2. Checkout the Dos and Dons

  3. Then choose a username that reflects your service directly. Here is an example, if you’re a logo designer, you can use the following names: TrendyLogo, ClassyLogo, Logoxxy, and so on.


There is a saying “you can’t rush to something you want last forever”. So before creating a gig, you should spend at least two or three days in searching valuable information. Don’t consider it as wasting of time as it can save your hours from whining for sales tips.

Use Short Title

“Use a short title” you’ve already read this line, right? Well, you might be surprised to know that Fiverr system loves only those gigs that have a short title. Don’t trust me? Well, then go ahead and take a look at some top rated sellers gigs. You’ll find the proof.

Optimize Your Description with Fiverr Algorithm

I’m 100% sure that you are not going to appreciate this one. But trust me fiverr does have a peculiar algorithm system. I know how it works in writing section, but I don’t know about Digital Marketing. So I’d recommend you to figure out what algorithm systems are used in shortlisting gigs of your category.

Gig Picture

Well, it is one among the most controversial topics on this forum. However, your gig picture is the most important thing that defines if you’re going to make sales or not. You know, buyers usually search for a gig at a turbo speed. And what makes them stop is your Gig Picture. If you have an eye-ball catching picture, buyer will surely click on your gig. And you know Click = Order. So use a stunning picture for your gig.

Where to get one

  1. You can buy one from Getty Images, or

  2. You can find one on some photo directory sites that allow you to use their photos without any copyright licenses.

  3. You can also download one from google and edit it with a first-rate photo editing app. I know it sounds ridiculous, but please take a look at this one for better understanding   


Do you have a strong presence on social media? If No, then you should have now. Promoting gigs on social media will help you a lot in cranking up your fiverr business. There are so many top rated sellers who got their first few orders using social media like Twiter, Facebook, and Google+. So invest your time in promoting your gigs on social media.

Quality work

Finally, deliver the best work so your client leaves a 5-star review in your profile. Go extra mile, offer some bonuses, and always try to deliver on time. Clients pay you money, so making them happy should be your first priority.

However, starting a successful fiverr business is not an easy task. It requires hard work, patience, and dedication. So just keep calm and go on. Best Of Luck.

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Guest mainulhussain96
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