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Your Response to Buyers Requests


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If your a Content Writer, or someone offering writing services, please make sure that your response to a buyers request for a quote shows that you can actually write.

Just recently I was looking for a content writer and looked a bunch of GIGS and picked at first maybe 5 GIGS that I wanted a custom quote for writing new from Scratch content of my website.

Here is responses I get:

“Thank you for contacting me. I will perfectly and professionally do what you need for you.”

“Thank you for contacting I will do it for $70. Should I send a quote now?”

"Thanks for contacting me I can do a thorough rewrite of webpages. I will equally do a good research work on the site With $80, I will get everything done Thanks "

Now when I was searching for Content writers I was mainly looking for writers in the US, only because of the language, is going to be English and everyone that I market to is in the USA only. Also because of time zones. So my search parameters were Native Speaking. Now these GiGs showed high praise and high marks for quality, though looking more closely I can see that they MAYBE friends pumping up their stats, but I could be wrong.

This is just my 2 cents.

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As a copywriter that responds to a lot of buyer requests, I certainly agree that I’d be a bit leery about purchasing written material from someone that has a difficult time with the language! At any rate, if you’re still looking for a writer, I invite you to pore over my services, and let me know if I can help!

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To be honest, I respond to a lot of buyer requests but not to the requests for writers. I suspect very few good writers actually do, unless they are new. Both sides in Buyer requests are awful. The buyers asking for 5+ articles or a 10000 word ebook for $5 and the sellers who actually respond to these and then copy and paste articles as their work.
Do the search yourself, use the filters on the left and when it is for a relatively large job, check their gigs/profile and then contact the sellers before ordering.

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